With our giant warehouse move, our certified home staging coordinator took spring cleaning to a whole new level! To keep all of our staging flowers organized and accessible, our stager brought the WOW factor with this DIY floral wall grid: proof that being organized isn't just about convenience -- it can also make a space fun and beautiful! And you don't need a giant warehouse to enjoy this project: use it to brighten up your balcony or patio!


What you'll need:

- 3 wall grids from Home Depot

- 2 sizes of plastic trash cans

- Zipties

- Drill

- Hammer

- Nails


Step 1: Secure wall grids side by side to wall with hammer and nails.

Step 2: Drill two holes in the back of the trash cans and secure them to the grid with zip ties.

Step 3: Fill the trash cans with your favorite flowers and watch your floral wall grid come to life!

Step 4: (Optional) Have larger plants and stems that won't fit in the trash cans? You can DIY boxes and place them on the ground next to your floral wall grid. You can also fill baskets and pick different color trash cans for an even brighter aesthetic.