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April 23, 2019

Parade of Open Houses! April 28th!

It's that time of year for the Spring Parade of Homes🌷🏠🌷🏠 We want to join in on the fun this upcoming weekend by having a PARADE OF OPEN HOUSES!! Stay tuned because we'll be featuring our SIX Open Houses.. all leading up to Sunday when the homes will be open from 1 pm to 3 pm. Put it on your calendar because you don't want to MISS THIS!!

TREG's Parade of Open Houses

Boise Home for Sale

Boise Open House

Surprise Valley Home for Sale

Jan. 29, 2019

Places to Check out in Southeast Boise

Boise River in Southeast BoiseIf you have recently moved to the Harris Ranch area of Southeast Boise, or have made any neighborhood in Southeast Boise your home for that matter, then you are probably aware that there are plenty of amazing things to do all around you. Here are a few of our picks for fun places to check out in Southeast Boise.


Idaho Shakespeare Festival

“To be or not to be, that is the question”. This famous quote and many more can be heard from the stage of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival several nights a week in Southeast Boise. It is a wonderful gem for those that live nearby, especially because they also do more modern performances as well so, if you like the theater and not Shakespeare, don’t despair, there is something for you to enjoy.

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Jan. 25, 2019

Two Open Houses This Sunday in Boise!

Sunday, January 27, 2019 OPEN HOUSES


3084 W Hillcrest Lane, Boise Idaho

This amazing Bench property is open from 1 - 3 this Sunday. This property is a rare opportunity in one of Boise’s most coveted neighborhoods! Captivating views of the Boise Foothills are accentuated by soaring vaulted ceilings and stunning floor-to-ceiling windows . . . [Click here to find out more about 3084 W Hillcrest Lane]

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Jan. 22, 2019

Where you should be taking your next coffee break in East Boise near Harris Ranch

Top 4 East Boise Cafes | Harris Ranch Real Estate

Where are the hottest places to get coffee in East Boise?


For those with Harris Ranch real estate or live anywhere in East Boise for that matter, here is a list of our favorite coffee places near you!



What is Locavore?

Locavore is a cozy cafe that specializes in making food fresh for their guests. Many of their menu items are made from scratch. They serve a mean cup a joe and it is the perfect place to take your next coffee break if you are looking for a local and authentic experience.


Where is Locavore?

Locavore is located at the corner of Bown Way and East Riverwalk Drive in Bown Crossing-- (just across the street from our office!)



The Coffee Mill

What is the Coffee Mill?

Another spectacular East Boise coffee shop that you need to check out is the Coffee Mill. For Harris Ranch residents, this is a must-see. They make some amazing coffee and have a huge selection of snacks as well. It is a great place to visit with friends or hammer out the next chapter of your prize-winning novel.


Where is the Coffee Mill?

You can find the Coffee Mill at 4979 E. Warm Springs Ave in Boise, right on the edge of Harris Ranch Mill District.

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Jan. 17, 2019

4 Open House Weekend!

4 Open houses this weekend in the Boise Area


Saturday Open Houses

On Saturday, January 19th, from 1 - 3 PM, you can check out these two amazing properties at 3097 S Shadywood in Harris Ranch and 4057 W Lost Rapids in Meridian.



Sunday Open Houses

On Sunday, January 20th, from 1 - 3 PM, you can check out these two amazing properties at 6987 E Ghost Bar in East Valley and 2975 S Old Hickory in Harris Ranch.


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Jan. 15, 2019

Top 5 Best Hot Springs Around Boise


Our Top 5 Hot Springs in and around Boise

There are few things as fun as a trip to the hot springs on a cool afternoon. Nor is there anything as serene as a midnight dip in a hot pool under the stars. You see, Idaho, thanks to all the geothermal activity under its feet, is one of the most hot spring rich states in the country.


If you are new to Idaho, and particular the Treasure Valley area, then you have to take some time to check out some of our top 5 favorite hot springs around the Boise area!


Top 5 Hot Springs in Western Idaho

Josh’s Favorite: Gold Fork Hot Springs (97 Miles from Boise)

Josh, our marketing guru, absolutely loves Gold Fork Hot Springs. Gold Fork is a rustic hot spring destination tucked back in the mountains near Donnely Idaho. It does cost to get in, but the price is worth it for this amazing natural resort.


Gold Fork offers 4 pools of various temperatures, lounge chairs and so much more.


Katrina’s Favorite: Kirkham Hot Springs (78.8 Miles from Boise)

Katrina, our home staging coordinator, is fond of Kirkham Hot Springs. Kirkham is a wonderful hot spring off of Highway 21 in West Central Idaho. It is on the shore of the river making it an exciting place to go for a soak.


There is also camping near the hot springs as well if you want to make a weekend out of it.


Erika’s Favorite: Givens Hot Springs (46.5 Miles from Boise)

For Erika, one of our awesome buyer’s agents, Givens Hot Springs is one of the best places to enjoy a warm splash. Givens is located between Melba and Marsing Idaho along the Snake River. It is unique because it is an indoor hot spring instead of outdoor like many of the others on this list. The way Givens is constructed, it looks more like an indoor swimming pool than a hot spring due to the fact that the owners pipe the hot water inside the structure. It is quite a surreal experience when you jump in because you are met with warm water instead of the cold swimming pool water you were probably expecting.


Entry fees are charged.


Jacquie’s Favorite: Last Chance Campground (122 Miles from Boise)

Our transaction coordinator, Jacquie, likes to go to the unmarked hot springs just north of McCall. This hot spring is just a small hike from the campground and is a perfect place to go if you want to relax and get away from the world!


Mark and Dawn’s Favorite: The Springs Resort (33 Miles from Boise)

Mark and Dawn’s favorite place to enjoy a hot spring is ‘The Springs Resort’ in Idaho City. This resort has many amenities to enjoy including massages, a cafe, a bar, and even an inn if you want to stay overnight. And all of this on top of the fact that you get access to the hot springs! It is a luxury experience.


All prices are listed on their website.

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Jan. 8, 2019

Staging Tips from Katrina Atwood


Hi Everyone! I’m Katrina, and I am Templeton’s home staging coordinator. Today, I will be sharing a few tips to highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses, and appeal to prospective buyers.

Curb Appeal

First, let’s start with Curb Appeal. The exterior is the first thing a buyer will see. Stowaway garden hoses, unsightly planter boxes, trash cans, and bbq grills. Remove dead shrubs and bushes, and sweep off the driveway, front entry, and back patio. Place a new welcome mat at the front door and voila!


Paint is one of the least expensive ways to add value to your home. We recommend painting the majority of your home the same color. It provides a more well maintained, seamless look. When every bedroom or bathroom is a different color, it gives the feeling of mixed emotions and room specific paint choices are distracting.

Bold colors have a tendency to reduce offers as well. Cool colors do not appeal to everyone, so I recommend a warm neutral paint for your walls. The right paint color will add emotional value as the buyer tours your home and envisions living in it. A few of our top go-to paint colors for home staging are:

SW Agreeable Gray: it is a light gray with a warm greige undertone.

SW Creamy: off white with warm undertones. It’s a modern and fresh, versatile color that appeals to younger and older generations.

SW Accessible Beige: is a beige paint color with gray undertones. It’s a soft, subtle neutral.

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De-clutter and organize

One of the most important things you can do to prepare your home for sale is to de-clutter and organize. This includes removing collectible items, family photos, pet items (such as food bowls, beds, and toys). Stowaway trashcans, and personal items. Removing all appliances from countertops and removing some furniture allows the home to look bigger. Buyers will most likely look into cabinets and closets so be sure to tidy up shelves and have sheets and towels neatly folded. A benefit of cleaning the clutter will help you to get a jump start on packing for your move into your new home!


Make awkward spaces functional

Staging unique rooms or areas gives the potential buyer answers and ideas rather than leaving them with questions. For instance, this area is at the top of a stairwell between two bedrooms.

I showcased this space as a small office with a writing desk, upholstered chair, floor lamp, artwork, and accents. Now, this space adds value to the home and is a feature buyers are sure to remember.

A clean home is a sold home!

I highly recommend hiring professional cleaners to do the job right! You want every square inch to shine, from the carpet to the windows, from the baseboards to the light fixtures. A squeaky clean home tells the buyer that the current tenants took good care of the property.

I hope our tips help you go from “ready to sell” to “sold”!

Have a great day!

Jan. 1, 2019

Table Rock - Boise’s most loved natural attraction

What to expect from a trip to Table Rock in Boise Idaho

About Table Rock


Table Rock is a rock formation on the Mesa of East Boise that overlooks most of the Treasure Valley. It has stood perched over the valley for many hundreds of years. It stands about 3,600 feet (1,100 Meters) above sea level and is constructed mainly of sandstone.


Table Rock has been a special place for people of the local area for a long time. Currently, it is used as a hiking or biking destination for those who live in the area, especially those who live in the neighborhoods of Warm Springs Mesa and Harris Ranch, and is lauded as something that one must do to have the quintessential Boise experience.


But how do you get to Table Rock and what should you expect when you get there?


Getting to Table Rock: Hike / Bike or Driving

Hiking / Biking to Table Rock

There are a few ways to get to Table Rock. The one that most people think of is to hike or bike up the front path. This is certainly an option. It should be noted though that it is a moderate trail with a pretty steep climb. However, if you want to try it, the trailhead and parking lot are located by the Old Penitentiary. Here is a link to the Table Rock trailhead parking lot on google maps.


Driving Up Table Rock

Now, the other popular way to get up to Table Rock is to drive up the back side. It allows you to get much closer to the top. There are two parking lots, the upper parking lot (which is only open from dawn till dusk) and the lower parking lot which is always open. If you park at the upper parking lot, it is only a quick jaunt to the edge; if you park at the lower parking lot, there is a bit of a hike to get up to the top. It is a little steep, but it is not nearly as long as the hike that starts at the Old Penitentiary.


Here are the driving instructions to Table Rock from downtown Boise.


What to do at Table Rock?

Table Rock Trails

Getting up to Table Rock is not the only trail that you can take while you are exploring the foothills. In fact, if you are ready for an adventure, you can check out quite a few trails that vary in length and difficulty while you are there. The photos below were taken from different trails around the back of Table Rock.


Table Rock Caves

Another fun thing about Table Rock would have to be the caves that surround its base. Since it is made up of a lot of sandstone, the caves were hollowed out over time by rainfall and snow runoff. Some of them you can easily enter, but some are cramped and should be only taken if you are accompanied by a professional.




Table Rock Sunrise and Sunset

A lot of people like to go up to Table Rock for the sunrise and the sunset. The sun rises from behind Table Rock and it isn’t as dramatic as one might think. However, it is still a fun experience to have.


Sunset, on the other hand, is pretty spectacular. The sun sets in front of Table Rock so you can see the sunset over the entire valley.



Table Rock is a magnificent and striking landmark that has captivated the hearts and imaginations of the people of this area for centuries. If you go though, follow all the laws and regulations that surround going to Table Rock and be sure to be safe while you are there.


If you can, we would definitely recommend that you add Table Rock to your #BoiseBucketList!

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Dec. 25, 2018

What makes for a relaxing neighborhood

What makes a neighborhood relaxing?

When you buy a home, you want it to be in a place where you can feel comfortable and that you can relax. For a lot of people, however, a relaxing atmosphere is not evident in the neighborhoods where they are looking to buy a home in. There are a lot of neighborhoods that don’t feel relaxing, homey, or comfortable and it can be hard for homebuyers to put their finger on why and what to look for in their home search.


Keys to a relaxing neighborhood

The following are the 4 basic keys to a friendly, relaxing and comfortable neighborhood. There are more things that a neighborhood could need, but for a lot of people, these are some of the most common qualities that help them to feel relaxed.


Common Areas and Open Space

One of the big things that makes a neighborhood feel relaxing and comfortable is when it has lots of open space and common areas. This is for several reasons. The first of which being that it makes the neighborhood feel less crowded and secondly, it gives it a sense of community and ‘oneness'.


Now, this doesn’t mean that each home has to be on a huge lot for it to feel comfortable, in fact, if there is too much room between homes, it starts to feel too open and almost isolated. There just has to be enough room to breathe. This goes for the space between homes and the size of the street as well.


But what about common areas? What are they and how do they help make the neighborhood feel more relaxing? There are plenty of examples of common areas that neighborhoods can offer. In the Lakewood neighborhood, for example, there are several parks that everyone is welcome to enjoy. These parks have open fields, basketball courts, picnic areas and so much more -- all of which help give the neighborhood the feeling of community and fun that is needed for it to be relaxing.



Greenery is another vital part of a relaxing and comfortable neighborhood. In many studies, greenery has been shown to help reduce anxiety and improve mental health. There is a link at the bottom of this article that goes into more depth about this subject (most specifically in houseplants) and it is worth a read.


One neighborhood that does greenery pretty well would have to be Harris Ranch here in Southeast Boise. It has plenty of plants that are growing fast -- giving the neighborhood a sense of maturity and that much-needed dose of green.


Water features

Much like greenery, water features also help to make a neighborhood relaxing. Whether they are big or small, a water feature can easily make your neighborhood calmer and feel much more upscale all at the same time.



Another big factor in a neighborhood feeling comfortable and relaxing is cleanliness. In most cases, the best defense against a messy neighborhood is every resident taking the initiative to clean up their own properties and the common areas, but when you can’t have that, a good HOA can also do pretty well.


Now, there are plenty of other things that make a neighborhood relaxing and that list will change depending on who you ask, but these we have listed are meant mainly as a jumping off point for you.


What other things help make you feel relaxed and comfortable in your neighborhood? Are there amenities that you feel would help to make you feel more at home?




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Dec. 18, 2018

Bown Crossing - SE Boise’s Classiest Commercial Area

There is something special about those densely packed commercial and residential areas. They harken back to old European cities where space was at a premium and all sorts of establishments were all crammed into small real estate lots. This physical closeness created a feeling of emotional closeness as well, making those densely packed commercial areas feel like a tight-knit community.


In the Treasure Valley, there are several areas like these that have been built in the last few years, the largest of which, the Village at Meridian, is designed aesthetically to look like an old European city center. However, today, we are not talking about the Village-- we are going to talk about an area of Southeast Boise real estate that has been around for a few years now and is still drawing people in for its diverse opportunities to live work and play and that place is called “Bown Crossing”.


Ground was first broken at Bown Crossing over a decade ago with the vision to create a second, albeit smaller, city center for those who live in southeast Boise. The idea was to create a smaller, more close-knit city center that would fulfill the everyday needs of those living in neighborhoods like Warm Springs Mesa, Harris Ranch and, of course, Bown Crossing residential, so they would not need to travel far from home as often.


Bown Crossing near Harris Ranch

Living, Working and Playing in Bown Crossing


Bown Crossing Commercial

Bown Crossing has commercial, residential, and recreational aspects to it, but one of the things that makes it stand out is its commercial opportunities. On the main street of Bown Crossing, Bown Way, there are many awesome shops and businesses that residents can enjoy. Some of the highlights include several restaurants (including a fast food place, a handful of bars and a local food joint), a cycle shop, a candy emporium and yours truly, Templeton Real Estate Group.


Bown Crossing Residential

There are many places to live in Bown Crossing. If you are looking for a more urban feeling, there are some residential units above the stores on Bown Way, but if you want more of a suburban feeling with your home then some of the homes in the surrounding streets or in Harris Ranch are going to be worth a look.


Bown Crossing Recreation

As far as recreation is concerned at Bown Crossing, there are some parks that are pretty fun, there is the green belt and the Boise River, the Library at Bown Crossing, and, again, the candy emporium. However, more businesses are coming to Bown Crossing every year, so there will always be something more to as time goes on.


While we didn’t get to hit on them earlier, a few other notable aspects of Bown Crossing include a medical center and an elementary school. However, this isn’t all there is to enjoy - there are a lot of awesome things going on at Bown Crossing and it is definitely worth a look. If you want more information about living, working, or playing in Bown Crossing, be sure to give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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