Selling Your Home

Sept. 26, 2023

Getting Your Home Ready for an Open House: Top 10 Tips




Hosting an open house is an exciting step in the process of selling your home. It's an opportunity to showcase your property in the best possible light and attract potential buyers. To ensure your open house is a success, it's essential to prepare your home ...

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July 7, 2023

Real Estate Investment Tips: Maximizing Rental Income



Investing in real estate can be a lucrative venture, especially when it comes to rental properties. If you're a property owner or aspiring real estate investor looking to maximize your rental income, this blog post is for you. We'll explore practical tips and strategies that can ...

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Aug. 19, 2022

Boise Home Staging: 5 Reasons Why Professional Staging Can Sell Your Boise Home Faster

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May 10, 2022

What You Need To Know About Selling in a Sellers’ Market

What You Need To Know About Selling in a Sellers' Market | MyKCM

Even if you haven’t been following real estate news across the Boise area, you’ve likely heard about the current sellers’ market. That’s because there’s a lot of talk about how strong market conditions are for people who want to sell their houses. But if you’re thinking about listing your house ...

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May 3, 2022

What You Can Expect from the Spring Housing Market

What You Can Expect from the Spring Housing Market | MyKCM

As the spring housing market kicks off, you likely want to know what you can expect this season when it comes to buying or selling a house. While there are multiple factors causing some uncertainty, including the conflict overseas, rising inflation, and the first rate increase from the Federal Reserve ...

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April 26, 2022

Why It’s Critical To Price Your House Right in Today's Market

Why It’s Critical To Price Your House Right | MyKCM

When you make a move, you want to sell your house for the highest price possible. That might be why many homeowners are eager to list in today’s sellers’ market. After all, with record-low inventory in Boise and high buyer demand, most homes are selling for more than the asking ...

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April 8, 2022

Best Week To List Your House Is Just Around the Corner

Are you thinking about selling your home in Boise? If so, you may want to make it a priority to start the process soon. According to, the sweet spot for sellers is just around the corner. In a recent study, experts analyzed housing market trends by looking at ...

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March 29, 2022

Spring Presents Sellers with a Golden Opportunity


This Spring Presents Sellers with a Golden Opportunity | MyKCM

If you’re thinking of selling your house in Boise this year, timing is crucial. After all, you’ll want to balance getting the most out of the sale of your current home and making the best investment when you buy your next one.

If that’s the case, you should know ...

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March 15, 2022

Now's the Time To Sell in Boise


When you’re selling any item, you usually want to sell it for the greatest profit possible. That happens when there’s a strong demand and a limited supply for that item. In the Boise real estate market, that time is right now. If you’re thinking of selling your house this ...

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March 1, 2022

Why Selling Your House with a Real Estate Professional Is Essential


Selling your house is no simple task. And when you sell on your own – known as a FSBO (or For Sale by Owner) – you’re responsible for handling some of the more difficult aspects of the process without the expert guidance you need.

The 2021 Profile of Home ...

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