Living in Southeast Boise

Southeast Boise is one of the fastest-growing communities in Boise, Idaho. It is conveniently located to provide residents access to the river, greenbelt, and downtown core, which is a massive draw for those looking to relocate to the area. It has seen growth in recent years and has continued to flourish as more people discover all it has to offer. The community is home to plenty of Boise landmarks and has a lot to offer for various lifestyles. Whether you’re part of a young family, a post-secondary student, or on the verge of retirement, Southeast Boise has something to offer you. 

Here are ten reasons to live in Southeast Boise. 

1. The Outdoor Activities


Outdoor enthusiasts will love Southeast Boise. There is so much natural beauty to explore and admire. Along the river, there are miles of greenbelt to enjoy, shady parks, and much more. This particular area is known as an outdoor playground because there’s always something to do. The Simplot Sports Complex is minutes away, and it offers space for a variety of sports, play, and recreation. The well-known Barber Park calls the community home. It’s a beautiful waterfront park where residents can go floating down the river during the summer heat. If floating isn’t your favorite, you can take the 10-minute drive and head to Lucky Peak. It’s the local lake and offers sandy beaches for residents to soak up the sun. 

Lucky Peak Idaho

2. The Food Scene


Residents rave about some of the best restaurants that are local to Southeast Boise. Some favorites include: 

Egg Mann and Earl: If you’re looking for a great breakfast spot, this new addition to the community has already become a local fave. It’s an eclectic spot that millennials rave about. 

The Griddle: If you’re looking for a classic breakfast, this is your place. They are famous for their pancakes. 

Locavore: The best patio in the area, this spot sells excellent breakfast and coffee for mornings and deliciously crafted dinners in the evening. 

Zero Six Coffee Fix: Owned by the same people as Egg Mann and Earl, this coffee shop is the perfect place to grab a drink or open your laptop and get some work done. 

Tavern at Bown Crossing: Want the best burger in town? This is the place to get it. 

Addie’s: Grab an all-American breakfast or lunch at this Southeast Boise Staple - serving great food since 2001. 

Tastings Wine Bar: The premier wine market and tasting bar in the area. 

Bier:Thirty: One of the best bars for beer, residents love this spot. 

3. The Commute to Work


If you read reviews for living in Southeast Boise, one common trend you’ll see is the short commute times. Albertsons and Micron are two of the biggest employers in the city, and their headquarters are situated in the community. Almost ⅙ of the workforce calls Southeast Boise home. Commutes are typically less than 10 minutes to get to work. Most residents are located conveniently to get to the highway. If you like to bike to work, you can hop on the greenbelt to downtown. It’s a walkable city, but there’s also ridesharing if needed. 


4. The Attractions


There are plenty of attractions to check out in Southeast Boise, and many of them involve being active. Go for a skate, play some hockey at the indoor dual ice rink at Idaho Ice World, or visit the Simplot Sports Complex for soccer or softball. Suppose you feel like getting out of the community for a bit. In that case, you can visit any of the incredible art galleries in Boise, the Idaho State Capitol Building, the Idaho Botanical Gardens, and so much more right in your backyard.  

5. The Lifestyle


In Southeast Boise, it’s really the best of all worlds. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a community of people who share your interests. If you’re a big foodie, the food scene is incredible, as mentioned above. You can go shopping and grab a drink on a patio to quench your thirst. If you love to be outside, you can go for a run along the greenbelt while admiring the natural beauty. It’s a great place to raise a family with quiet communities and exceptional schools. The overall lifestyle is very laid back, so whatever you’re into, you will find it here. 

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6. The Education


For school-aged children, Southwest Boise ranks an A- overall for education on There are 19 public schools in the community, and they are all highly regarded institutions. The Boise Senior High School is actually the number one high school in all of Idaho. There are charter and private school options available as well. 

Post-secondary students don’t need to go far as Southeast Boise is home to Boise State University. You can be confident your kids are getting the best education available in Idaho, from kindergarten to post-secondary. 

7. The Atmosphere


The vibe in Southeast Boise is described as casual comfort. It maintains an old-fashioned atmosphere, but with modern amenities like local businesses, shopping, and excellent restaurants nestled within a great location. Overall, the demographic is on the younger side, but it’s very family-friendly and a great place to work and play. 

Friendly Atmosphere

Residents love the suburban feeling while being so close to all the downtown action. Southeast Boise is a true gem, and it’s no wonder why people are excited to relocate there. 

8. There’s Something for Everyone


In every aspect, there’s something for every person of all ages in Southeast Boise. You will find something you love in the area, from hobbies, restaurants, and outdoor activities to housing options. 

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9. The Neighborhoods


There is a wide variety of home styles and price points among the communities in Southeast Boise. Here are some of the best neighborhoods. 

West Southwest

Suppose you chat with any local about where the most sought-after community is in Southeast Boise or where their dream community is. In that case, Lakewood will be among the top answers most of the time. Gekeler Lane, Linden Street, and Bergeson street surround this community, which is a suburban oasis that provides a variety of housing options. You can find almost everything here, including condos and mini-estates. Just south of Bergeson Street, you’ll venture into Promontory Ridge, which is a community made up of incredible homes with modern layouts. These homes were built in the 2000s and still include the HOA perks of a pool and clubhouse. 

Southeast Boise New Construction

Just west of Lucky Peak and south of Oregon Trail, there are plenty of new construction homes in the southernmost part of the community. Centered around Columbia Road, these homes began construction in 2010, building in the communities of Sunny Ridge, Painted Ridge, and Bonneville Point. 

Southeast Boise New Construction

Boise River Corridor

Spring Meadow, River Run, and Wood Duck Island combine to comprise the Boise River Corridor, which is among the top communities in the area on every list. Just east of Parkcenter Blvd, these three communities are situated. With private tree-lined streets, the bank of the river, and the greenbelt all minutes away, the homes here are highly sought after. You can find properties that range in price from $500,000 to over $1 million. 

Columbia Mesa

In the Columbia Mesa area, one of the first planned communities in Idaho is called Columbia Village. It has a great atmosphere and affordable prices, making it extremely popular to this day. Minutes away is Superior Ridge, which is an upscale community that participates in the Columbia Village HOA. Hence, residents get to reap some extra benefits. 

10. Boise Real Estate


Homes in Southeast Boise are sure to impress even the pickiest of interested buyers. Much like the overall vibe of the community, there’s something for everyone when it comes to real estate. The market can be described as eclectic, as there are various home styles, subdivisions, and construction dates. Many of the properties were built between the ’70s and the 00s, but there are plenty of new constructions to choose from as well. 

The houses in Southeast Boise range in price from $250,000 to $1.5 million for various housing types. You can find condos, townhomes, single-family homes, and luxury homes among the subdivisions that span the community. However, many of the suburbs were designed as single-family home communities. Condos and townhomes are highly sought-after, so they can be subject to a lot of competition when put on the market. 

Whether you’re looking for your first family home or a luxury estate home, you will find it in Southeast Boise. Not only are the homes full of character, and there’s something for every budget, but many of the homes offer incredible views of the foothills and the city. The view makes it just that much sweeter to own a home in this wonderful community. 

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