There is something special about those densely packed commercial and residential areas. They harken back to old European cities where space was at a premium and all sorts of establishments were all crammed into small real estate lots. This physical closeness created a feeling of emotional closeness as well, making those densely packed commercial areas feel like a tight-knit community.


In the Treasure Valley, there are several areas like these that have been built in the last few years, the largest of which, the Village at Meridian, is designed aesthetically to look like an old European city center. However, today, we are not talking about the Village-- we are going to talk about an area of Southeast Boise real estate that has been around for a few years now and is still drawing people in for its diverse opportunities to live work and play and that place is called “Bown Crossing”.


Ground was first broken at Bown Crossing over a decade ago with the vision to create a second, albeit smaller, city center for those who live in southeast Boise. The idea was to create a smaller, more close-knit city center that would fulfill the everyday needs of those living in neighborhoods like Warm Springs Mesa, Harris Ranch and, of course, Bown Crossing residential, so they would not need to travel far from home as often.


Bown Crossing near Harris Ranch

Living, Working and Playing in Bown Crossing


Bown Crossing Commercial

Bown Crossing has commercial, residential, and recreational aspects to it, but one of the things that makes it stand out is its commercial opportunities. On the main street of Bown Crossing, Bown Way, there are many awesome shops and businesses that residents can enjoy. Some of the highlights include several restaurants (including a fast food place, a handful of bars and a local food joint), a cycle shop, a candy emporium and yours truly, Templeton Real Estate Group.


Bown Crossing Residential

There are many places to live in Bown Crossing. If you are looking for a more urban feeling, there are some residential units above the stores on Bown Way, but if you want more of a suburban feeling with your home then some of the homes in the surrounding streets or in Harris Ranch are going to be worth a look.


Bown Crossing Recreation

As far as recreation is concerned at Bown Crossing, there are some parks that are pretty fun, there is the green belt and the Boise River, the Library at Bown Crossing, and, again, the candy emporium. However, more businesses are coming to Bown Crossing every year, so there will always be something more to as time goes on.


While we didn’t get to hit on them earlier, a few other notable aspects of Bown Crossing include a medical center and an elementary school. However, this isn’t all there is to enjoy - there are a lot of awesome things going on at Bown Crossing and it is definitely worth a look. If you want more information about living, working, or playing in Bown Crossing, be sure to give us a call and we will be happy to help.