Purchasing a brand-new home can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. After all, it's a chance to own a property that has never been lived in and is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. However, buying a new home also requires a lot of attention to detail to ensure that you're getting the best value for your money.

Here are 12 must-know facts when buying a brand-new home that will help you avoid costly mistakes and make an informed decision.

1) Research the builder's reputation: Do some research on the builder's reputation before purchasing a new home. Check out online reviews, talk to previous customers, and ask your real estate agent for their opinion.

2) Verify the builder's warranty: Make sure to verify the builder's warranty, what it covers, and for how long.

3) Check out the community amenities: Look into what community amenities are included, such as a swimming pool, fitness center, or walking trails.

4) Understand the upgrade options: Find out what upgrade options are available and how much they will cost.

5) Get a home inspection: Don't assume that a brand-new home is perfect. Hire a home inspector to identify any issues or defects that need to be addressed before closing.

6) Understand the financing process: Know what financing options are available to you and what type of loan is best for your financial situation.

7) Look beyond the model home: Don't just base your decision on the model home. Tour other completed homes in the neighborhood to get a better sense of what you're buying.

8) Ask about energy-efficient features: Ask about energy-efficient features such as appliances, insulation, and windows. These features can save you money on your monthly utility bills.

9) Understand the HOA fees: Make sure you understand the HOA fees and what they cover, such as lawn maintenance or community events.

10) Know the timeline: Be aware of the timeline for the construction process and when you can expect to move in.

11) Understand the closing costs: Understand the closing costs associated with purchasing a new home, such as title fees, appraisal fees, and inspection fees.

12) Be prepared for unexpected costs: Be prepared for unexpected costs, such as property taxes or homeowner's insurance.

Buying a brand-new home is an exciting journey, but it's important to be prepared and knowledgeable throughout the process. By keeping these 12 must-know facts in mind, you'll be well-equipped to make a smart and informed decision.

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