Wanna live like the Rich and Famous in Boise, but on a budget? Do you find yourself wishing you could add a little more luxe to your life? It can be done by applying some designer tips and tricks!

  • Start with a neutral palette
    White walls and neutral furniture are timeless canvases that make changing, adding and upgrading everything else a cinch, because you don't have to worry that it'll all fit in together. Plus, neutrals tend to always look great.
  • Splurge on the big stuff
    Dropping a few thou on a sofa might seem like a waste, but consider this: you'll sit on it almost every day for at least 10 years. Put that way, it makes sense that you'd spend some serious cash on an item like this. Save your pennies on stuff that won't last the distance, like accents.
  • Layer, layer, layer!
    A great-looking home looks complete and pulled-together, and layering is the key to this (a little like the right accessories pull together an outfit). Layering gives your rooms depth and warmth, and ensures they look like they belong in a home, not a museum. Here's our handy guide to layering.
  • Toss the stuff you hate
    If your dining table has seen better days, it's time to upgrade. If your light fixtures look like they were installed in the '60s, invest in some new ones. You don't have to spend a fortune, but changing the things you don't like will make your space feel instantly more inhabitable.
  • Fake built-ins
    Built-in custom cabinetry looks super-expensive... because generally, it is. But you can fake the look with a cabinet (or several cabinets) that fit the space you have exactly. Our tip: start at IKEA.
  • Go big
    The bigger the rug, the bigger the space will feel. And the bigger the space feels, the more expensive it'll look. The lesson? Go big. Really big.
  • Replace the fixtures
    Dated hardware (like taps and drawer handles) can really drag a space down. Upgrading is relatively inexpensive, and is usually a DIY job, to boot.
  • Distract from your TV
    We all love Netflix, but let's face it: your TV is hardly the prettiest item in your house. Camouflage yours by surrounding it with a gallery wall of artworks – it'll blend in more and won't look so, well. TV-like.
  • Go oversize
    Large-scale artworks look amazing – and expensive. But they don't have to have the price tag to match. Go to second-hand stores, student art shows and even IKEA to score cool finds.
  • Lean back
    Leaning your artwork along a wall or picture rail is a super simple way of giving it a luxe upgrade. Bonus: you can do it right now!

Other inexpensive and easy ways to add a little luxe to your life, declutter - messy does not look luxe, add a throw or faux fur pillow to a sofa or bed, display a beautiful vase of fresh flowers and incorporate gold mirrors, lamps or accent pieces on a table to elevate the glam! Flip through architectural magazines or look online to see ideas also. You may find that you can replicate the look of a very expensive room with a trip to TJ Maxx, Walmart, IKEA or Target!

Watch a designer update rooms with luxe look on a budget:

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By Bonnie Way Snider, Licenced Realtor© and blogger


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