Top Elementary Schools Idaho

Families have been drawn to Boise for years for its exciting cultural scene, warm and welcoming atmosphere and top-rated school district. While the city itself has an artsy flair, the surrounding landscape is beautiful against the mountains. 

Boise has one of the largest urban areas in Idaho, and its economy only continues to grow. If you’ve ever considered educating your kids in Boise, now is a great time. Find out which Boise schools are among the top 5 for those looking to relocate to a city with a great arts scene, a vibrant history, and a great culture.

Collister Elementary School

Address: 4426 W Catalpa Dr, Boise, ID 83703
Phone: 208-854-4650

Motto: Collister: Educating responsible, caring students for a better tomorrow

Open since 1912, Collister Elementary has an intricate history. Named after a prominent doctor, it wasn’t until ten years later that the first schoolhouse was built and the name Collister was added. 

With around 239 students, their size and location make it a great school. When tested for reading and math, 77% of Collister students tested above average. State-wide, students test at 50% above average, which makes Collister 22% higher than most of the state for testing scores. 

There are 14 teachers and a teacher-to-student ratio of 17:1. Every teacher at the school has over 3 years of teaching experience, which is helpful in making the school experience safe and fun for everyone.

School rating website has rated Collister the 8th best public high school in Idaho and it’s also ranked 67th in the state for Best Public School Teachers. 

In the Boise area, it’s ranked as the 3rd Best Public School in the area. Collister Elementary has an A rating based not only on the location but on its reputation with families. has given Collister a rating of 10/10 for student progress along with 5/10 for equity. The current student demographics list 81% of students as white, 13% as Asian/Pacific Islander, 3% mixed race, and 3% Hispanic. 

Top Elementary Schools Boise

Review from a Collister parent:

“At Collister, you'd be lucky if your child got sent to the Principal's office thanks to Dr. Bell! He really connects with the kids and truly cares about the teachers and staff. Our son's attended since Kinder and from K-4th we can personally vouch for top-notch teachers at Collister who take the time to email and call and consider each kids (small class sizes, one room per grade help with this). There's also some programs like Chess Club and Homework Club. The school has a great location next to Catalpa Park and a fantastic neighborhood surrounding it! The Highly Gifted program is also a driver of excellence and cultural diversity.”


Collister has made great progress in testing scores compared to previous years. This shows that teachers are working hard to keep kids engaged and learning. They do have improvements to make in the way of equity as low-income students seem to be performing at a lower level. It can also improve on its diversity with students but overall, Collister Elementary is a school that is always improving for the better.

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Highlands Elementary School 

Address: 3434 Bogus Basin Rd, Boise, Idaho, 83702
Phone: 208-854-5050

Motto: Highlands Elementary: Where children come to know who they are and who they can become.

Highlands school opened its doors to the Boise community in the fall of 1961. Currently, it has 297 students from grades pk-6 with a student-to-teacher ratio of 18:1. 

When tested for reading, Highlands students tested with 82% proficiency in reading and 77% proficiency in math. State-wide, students tested at 50%, making Highlands 32% more proficient at reading and 27% more proficient in math. The school only has 11% of teachers who are in their first or second year.

The school rating website has ranked Highlands as the 15th Best Elementary School in Idaho and 63rd for Best Public Elementary School Teachers in Idaho. They rank Highlands Elementary with an A+ based on housing and its reputation with families. has rated Highlands with a 10/10 for student progress and a 10/10 for test scores. The student population is 94% white with 6% being of other descent.

Elementary Schools in Boise

Review from a Highlands student:

“Highlands is amazing!!! I have spent k-6th grade at this school and now I am going Jr. and I excel at art, math, science, history, and I even read FOUR YEARS above my grade level…”

Review from a Highland Parent:

“What a lovely school! There is so much care in this community of people. The teachers, staff, family and students truly join forces to create a wonderful learning environment for the children.”


Highland Elementary has excellent test scores when compared to other nearby schools. The students are consistently improving their standardized test scores year after year. It shows that the staff is experienced and takes their jobs seriously. 

Despite being situated in an area with a high cost of living, the housing still has a moderate price. There's room for improvement in terms of diversity and equity. Highland would be an excellent school for anyone who is focused on academics and education.

Longfellow Elementary School

Address: 1151 N. 9th Street, Boise, Idaho, 83702
Phone: 208-854-5450

Motto: Longfellow School, in partnership with parents and our community, is committed to providing and assessing relevant, meaningful, and goal-oriented instruction, in order to ensure that all students achieve their educational potential.

Built in 1905, Longfellow Elementary School is currently home to 342 students in grades pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. This area has a student-to-teacher ratio of 19:1, which is average. 

In reading tests, 79% scored proficient. Additionally, 73% of the students scored proficient in math. On average, students in the state test at 50%, while Longfellow scores 23%  higher in math and 29% higher in reading. has ranked Longfellow as the 9th Best Public Elementary School in Idaho, and it was ranked 25th for The Best Public Elementary School Teachers. This school is rated with an A+ due to its proximity to families and respect it shows towards them. has rated Longfellow a 7/10 for student progress, a 10/10 for test scores, and a 3/10 for equity. The student population is 88% white, 6% Hispanic, 4% mixed race, and 2% other. 

Review from a Longfellow Parent:

“Longfellow is an International Focus school, which means they learn political and cultural geography and a foreign language in addition to normal curriculum. The teachers and principal are great, and there are several resource teachers in addition to the classroom teachers. There is a vegetarian option (although not Vegan) at every meal. Although Boise Independent has an open enrollment policy, in reality you have to live in the neighborhood because the school is always full.”


Longfellow Elementary is a great school with outstanding teachers and a dedication to learning. In addition to having good test scores, the school also ranks highly in terms of diversity. There are only two downsides to the area: the high cost of living and the equity issues. Those with lower incomes are underperforming compared to those living in high-income areas. Other than these issues, Longfellow sounds like a school that is as rich in culture as it is in education. 

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Liberty Elementary School 

Address: 1740 E. Bergeson st, Boise, Idaho, 83706
Phone: 208-854-5410

Motto: Liberty Elementary School is a safe, positive community that values academic and behavioral excellence. 

Liberty Elementary was founded in 1983, and today it serves 521 students in pre-K through grade 6. The student-teacher ratio of the well-rated primary school is approximately 20:1 with each staff member having over three years of experience. 

Liberty's reading proficiency tests indicate that 67% of students are proficient in reading, and 59% are proficient in math. Compared to the state average of 50%, Liberty students tested 17% higher for reading and 9% higher for math. ranks Liberty as the 36th Best Public School in Idaho, the 91st Best Public School Teachers in Idaho, and the 212th Most Diverse Elementary School in Idaho. The school has received an A- based on its exceptional academics, the quality of its teachers, and the diversity of its student body. also awarded Liberty an 8/10 for test score improvements and a 2/10 for equity. The student population is 84% white, 8% Hispanic, 5% mixed race, and 3% Asian/Pacific Islander. 

Top Elementary Schools Boise

Review from a Liberty Elementary Parent:

“As a parent of a Liberty 3rd grader, I'm extremely impressed with the quality and the variety of programs offered. I think Liberty might be the only public school in the District that currently offers a Montessori program. My son doesn't attend Montessori at Liberty, but it's a great value to the school and community to offer this program. The afterschool Homework Club helped my son extend his daily reading time and improve his scores in Spelling and Math. Student achievement and involvement at Liberty is showcased throughout the halls - Liberty Pride. School events are always very well attended. I've found the teachers and staff to be helpful, considerate and effective. They consistently demonstrate their experience working with kids, and with parents. Based on my experience thus far, I give Liberty Elementary an excellent rating.”


Liberty Elementary is a very well-rounded school. It scores great in almost every sense. It scores the highest on the list for diversity but its test scores are slightly lower on average than the other schools and its equity level is one of the lowest. Students are performing at a significantly lower rate than their peers who are at a higher income level. Other than that, the school is a great place for anyone who’s looking for something above and beyond a basic education. 

Roosevelt Elementary School

Address: 908 East Jefferson Street, Boise, Idaho, 83712
Phone: 208-854-6030

As of current enrollment, Roosevelt School serves 323 students ranging from pre-kindergarten through grade 6. Falling around average for the area, the teacher-to-student ratio is approximately 1:20. Roosevelt only has 5% of their teachers in the first or second year so their staff is experienced and knowledgeable. 

Roosevelt Elementary students are achieving better than average test scores. Students score 77% proficient in reading and 72% proficient in math when tested. Statewide, Roosevelt students scored 50%, which means they scored 27% higher in reading and 22% higher in math. 

The school rating website ranked Roosevelt as the 17th Best Public School in Idaho, and 71st for Best Public Elementary School Teachers in Idaho. 

The website has also rated Roosevelt with an A- because of its diverse faculty, academics, and environment. 

The website rated Roosevelt a 9/10 for student progress, a 10/10 for test scores, and a 3/10 for equity. The student population is made up of 87% white, 5% Hispanic, 4% mixed race, 2% African American, 1% Asian/Pacific Islander, and another 1% from other descents.

Review from a Roosevelt parent:

“Having lived in Idaho for almost 40 years, I am confident in saying that Roosevelt is one of the top schools, in one of the best neighborhoods in the state. I have two children that attend the school from K-3rd grade. I have volunteered at Roosevelt on a weekly basis for the past four years. In that time, I am constantly impressed with the warm, caring, and supportive educational environment that Principal Bronner, the teachers and faculty, and the parents have created. My children love their school. Also, I think it speaks volumes that many of the teachers at Roosevelt also have children that attend the school.”

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Roosevelt Elementary has a great rating in every area. While they are improving their test scores each year, they are still ranked low for how well they serve disadvantaged students. The equity gap at this school is the largest on the list. Students in this school perform at the lowest levels compared to their peers. Only 32% of low-income students are academically at the same level as students from higher-income families. Moreover, the school is in a good location that benefits families and its highly rated teachers are passionate about education. 

Boise has so many schools to choose from and each one has its specialties. Take some time to look into the schools you’re considering to ensure your child has a fantastic school experience and finishes with a well-rounded education.

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