Reasons To Live Downtown Boise

Boise, Idaho is a large and exciting city located in the Pacific Northwest. Home to roughly 226,000 residents, Boise offers a wide selection of neighborhoods and communities to choose from. If you are in the market for an urban and hip setting, Downtown Boise might be the perfect place! Located in the heart of the action, mixed among art, culture and excitement Downtown Boise offers residents the best of everything Boise has to offer.

Boise's Downtown roots run deep throughout its history and these roots continue to sprawl today, growing with each passing year. Every year, more people are moving into the heart of this vibrant city creating an ever-growing community. Here are five reasons why you should consider living in Downtown Boise!

1. The Community


Downtown Boise is one of the most vibrant and diverse communities in America. From art to history, culture to cuisine, there is something for everyone to enjoy. You can enjoy a night at the movies or explore one of Boise's gorgeous trails. With so much to see and do, it is easy to find yourself surrounded by a community with plenty of opportunities to get involved.

As mentioned above, Downtown Boise is full of opportunities to get involved. From the art scene to the vibrant culture, it is easy to find yourself immersed in a community that shares your deep passion.

For people who are interested in living an active lifestyle, this community should be considered your dream home. For example, there are many parks for people to enjoy and plenty of hiking trails all within walking distance.

It is also important to note that, unlike most other communities in America, Downtown Boise offers residents easy access to the outdoors without sacrificing the city's modern appeal.

Downtown Boise

2. Recreational Activities


Boise is full of unique recreational opportunities located just steps from your doorstep. For example, if you are looking for a unique way to spend a day or evening, take advantage of the Boise River Greenbelt. As one of the most popular recreation trails in America, it is easy to find yourself surrounded by friendly locals who enjoy this outdoor activity.

Another option is to visit Ann Morrison Park and partake in the park's outdoor recreational activities. For example, there are several soccer fields available for people to play on, as well as a disc golf course that is open throughout the year.

Julia David Park is also found along the banks of the Boise River and is located beside the Boise Zoo. If you want to take a break from the city and explore the outdoors, then Julia David Park is perfect for you.

3. History and Heritage


Another great reason to live in Downtown Boise is its rich historical and heritage-filled past. While many people know about the history of downtown, many people do not realize that there are still buildings and communities that date back to the early 1800s.

For example, Boise City Hall is said to be one of the most historic buildings in Downtown Boise built during this era. Another community worth mentioning is the Basque Block which dates back to 1901!

Boise has an impressive list of entertainment venues that draw in locals and tourists alike. From the Egyptian Theatre to the Boise Centre for Performing Arts, Downtown Boise provides many options for people looking to have fun in great urban spaces.

Cultural centers and museums located in downtown Boise include:

Diversity and inclusivity are important themes promoted and celebrated in Boise. Whether it be cultural events, seasonal activities or religious celebrations, downtown Boise is a place where people from all over can gather and feel welcome.

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4. Exciting Real Estate Options


For those on the hunt for the perfect urban home, downtown Boise offers up plenty of great real estate options. There are plenty of luxury homes located throughout Downtown Boise that feature modern amenities that homeowners seek today. From open floor plans to luxurious master suites, it's easy to find yourself at home when you live in one of these amazing communities.

The majority of real estate available in downtown Boise is found in mid- to high-rise condominiums. You can find one, two or three-bedroom condominiums in downtown Boise at prices that are well within most budgets. Another great real estate option includes lofts which are typically found in historic buildings.

Whether you are in the market for a trendy, re-design studio or a family-friendly, 3 bedroom, Boise's downtown real estate market is diverse and rich.

5. The Food Front


Foodies rejoice! If you are looking to live in a community with plenty of options for culinary-related activities, then look no further. There are hundreds of yummy places to eat from pizzerias and breweries to sandwich shops and cafes. Whether you're craving a casual bite or a five-star meal, you can enjoy it all within walking distance from your new home!

While there are plenty of dining options throughout downtown Boise, it is often said that the greatest restaurants are found near the city's riverside district.

Oyster Bar

Some of the best restaurants located in downtown Boise include:

Boise, Idaho is full of wonderful food festivals worth mentioning. For example, the Boise Soul Food Festival is an annual event that showcases culture, art, music and mouth-watering eats. If you're excited about exploring new cuisine and learning more about the city's vibrant history, then check out some of these events!

Downtown Boise offers so much to choose from as your next place to live. If you are looking for an energetic and dynamic urban community, look no further than Downtown Boise!

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