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Boise is one of the most exciting places to live in the Pacific Northwest. It’s an extremely dynamic and vibrant city to call home in the state of Idaho. The lifestyle that comes along with choosing Boise as your next home won’t disappoint. Between the incredible natural beauty, recreation, and real estate, many people opt to relocate to the area. Particularly in the community of Northend, there’s so much to enjoy. 

Northend, Boise, is full of history, parks, great communities, and some of the best schools. Boise is working hard to protect the Foothills and natural beauty while allowing the economy to grow and create better recreational options for residents. The protection of the history and heritage in the community has become paramount while promoting sustainability and improving the quality of life for residents. 

The city has recently invested over $30 million in public and private recreational programs like Simplot’s JUMP, The Boise River Park, and the Rhodes Skate Park. 

There are so many reasons why you’d want to relocate to Northend Boise, but here are the top ten reasons we think it’s a great place to live. 

1. The Amenities


If you were to ask any realtor well-versed in the Boise area about the best places to live, all of them would likely mention Northend. It’s considered a treasure to locals, and the amenities are a huge reason as to why. 

Situated just minutes from downtown to the south and the foothills to the north, residents of Northend are in the middle of both worlds. With an extensive network of trails throughout the foothills and the ideal place for a hike to admire nature, you’ll love this community if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. On the other side of the coin, those who love the excitement of the downtown core are just steps away from the Boise nightlife, dining, shopping, and events. 

Night Life

There are plenty of attractions that make the Northend a little extra desirable. The Idaho Botanical Garden, Old Idaho Penitentiary, Zoo Boise, Thunder Mountain Line, Boise Train Center, World Center for Birds of Prey, and Warhawk Air Museum all call the area home. Simplot’s JUMP (Jack’s Urban Meeting Place) is one of the more recent additions to the city, and it’s a nonprofit creative center that was designed to help patrons be more creative and inspired. 

Hyde Park is a quaint business district with charming local businesses, coffee shops, restaurants, and the home of popular annual events. There is a healthy nightlife in the city, with plenty of dining, activities, pubs, breweries, bars, culture, and much more. 

Regardless of the adventure you want to choose that day, you’re close to everything. 

2. The Culture


There is a prominent atmosphere and rich culture in the Northend revolving around respecting history and the arts. You may not immediately think of Boise as the home of a huge art scene, but it has exploded in recent years. They have accumulated over 40 outdoor public art installments and over 50 pieces included in the Boise Visual Chronicle. The art scene allows for artists of all genres, including creative, theater, music, visual, and dance, to share their perspectives on the city they love. There’s a sizeable Basque community, as well!

3. The Quality of Life


Boise continues to top the best places to live lists by the likes of Life, CNN, and Forbes. Northend is well-known for its laid-back lifestyle yet exciting quality of life. Whether you want to visit a local brewery or coffee shop, go for a hike, or take part in practically any outdoor sport, you can do it here. 

Hiking in Boise

Idaho’s climate is relatively mild. Since Boise is privy to four distinct seasons, residents can take part in different activities year-round. Yes, there is some snow and some colder temps, but it’s not extreme, making for a great skiing season. 

In the neighboring community of Southeast Boise, which is just minutes from Northend, residents can venture to the Boise Greenbelt. The Greenbelt is a must-see attraction that features over 20 miles of the best scenery in the area. The pathways sweep through three significant parks. If you’re cycling along the Greenbelt, you can easily make it from the Lucky Peak Dam to the town of Eagle. 

4. The Parks


Northend Boise has about a dozen extremely popular parks that residents love to explore. Camel’s Back Park is the home of the Hyde Street Fair each year and has so much history contained within its boundaries. There are also several sports courts and picnic areas that can be reserved for events and gatherings. Another popular spot is Memorial Park, located close to the Military reserve and Federal building. It’s a quiet place to enjoy a nice walk, and it’s the second-largest park in the area. Sunset Park has been recently updated and is home to a dog park and the youth soccer and little league clubs. 

5. The Schools 


Students in Northend, Boise, have access to some of the best schools in the state. The Boise Senior High School is ranked number one overall in Idaho, according to Niche. Students are well-educated and cared for from kindergarten to graduating university with a degree. After graduation, students are close to post-secondary institutions, like Boise State University. 

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6. The Lifestyle


The wonderful thing about Northend, Boise, is that the lifestyle you want is a lifestyle you can easily achieve. There’s no mold that you need to form yourself into. You don’t have a handful of options to be interested in and hobbies to partake in. There’s always something to do because of the excellent location, natural beauty, and modern amenities. You can be interested in essentially anything, and there will be a community ready to welcome you with open arms in the area. If you are a university student, young professional, ready to start a family, have children ready to attend university, or are on the verge of retirement, you will find a lifestyle that you can enjoy and thrive. 

7. The Recreation 


As mentioned, you can partake in almost every recreational activity in Northend Boise. Beyond the community, just a short drive to another part of the city or about an hour outside the city, you can find everything else. From organized sports like football, tennis, or baseball to golfing, cycling, or jogging, staying active has never been more accessible or exciting. Take the weekend and go camping, canoeing, boating, or hiking nearby. Just 30-minutes up to the mountains, you can hit the powder at the Bogus Basin Ski Resort

Bogus Basin Ski Resort

8. The Neighborhoods 


There are two major communities within the Northend: Hyde Park and Harrison Boulevard. 

Hyde Park is a small enclave that is located along N 13th Street. It’s a popular and charming business district where locals love to grab a coffee and a treat, support a local business, and grab the essentials they need. This area has everything you could need, which is why it’s a hub for businesses. 

Harrison Boulevard is the heart of the Northend, located between 17th and 18th streets. It features incredible tree-lined, suburban streets that are part of the most famous area. This community used to be the home of all the upper-class residents. They built expansive mansions that featured some of the most incredible architectural designs. One of the most exciting parts of the neighborhood is during the spooky season, where around 3,000 trick or treaters will be out and about on Halloween night. 

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9. The Events


Since the late ’70s, the Hyde Park Street Fair has been held for residents and surrounding communities. As a staple in the community, it’s being put off due to the pandemic this year. Still, residents are excited for the next one. Held by the Neighborhood Association, it’s one of the largest events of its kind, and it sees around 40,000 visitors over the weekend. With an endless number of vendors, all the proceeds go to funding new projects within the community. 

The TreeFort Music Festival is a unique festival to show off up-and-coming artists, feature what makes the Northend so special, and capture the energy that the community exudes. 

Treefort Music Festival

The Idaho Shakespeare Festival is an outdoor event from May to September, and most residents love to attend. The company also hosts events, workshops, summer camps, and an apprentice program. 

10. Boise Real Estate


The Northend is one of the oldest areas in the city. As expected, there is an eclectic collection of homes built featuring a wide array of styles. The older homes are in high demand, and you can expect some competition when putting in a bid on an older home. Homes in Northend start at around $370,000 and can cost as much as $2.5 million. Regardless of your lifestyle, you can find a Northend home to meet your needs. Whether you want a cozy condo with one bedroom, or you’re looking for a luxury estate, you will be able to find a home that you love. 

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