Living in Boise Bench

What was once a barren desert, Boise Bench has transformed from essentially nothing to a desirable and thriving community. The area started as a network of dairies, orchards, homesteads, and farms is now a trendy suburb. 

Over 5,500 residents call Boise Bench home, and there are plenty of reasons why people love it there. A rich mix of history, amenities, home types, affordable living, and high quality of life are some, to name a few. 

With proximity to downtown Boise, residents of Boise Bench have access to plenty of amenities within minutes. Regardless of your lifestyle and hobbies, you’ll find something to love in Boise Bench. 

Here are five reasons to live in Boise Bench. 

Amenities and Location


When talking about any area in Boise, it’s clear that the location is top-notch. Nestled between the mountains and an urban core, Boise Bench has so much to offer. Located in the heart of the Bench is the Boise Town Square. It’s a large mall and entertainment center that residents love to enjoy. It is home to over 140 shops, restaurants, and entertainment, and there’s plenty of parking. Suppose you love to shop or really enjoy being close to everyday essentials. In that case, this is a staple in the Boise Bench community. For movie lovers, there are many theaters in the area, including the Country Club Reel Theater


For families, there are over 20 schools within a few miles of the Bench. You can quickly get to grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, and bars. Suppose you want to get some exercise away from all the natural beauty. In that case, there are plenty of fitness centers, so you can take a yoga or pilates class whenever it fits into your schedule. Get some fresh air at any of the parks that Boise is known for. Boise Bench is close to virtually everything. From downtown to the airport, you’re minutes away from everything you could need. Even the Village at Meridian is a short journey away. 

The Community


Boise Bench is a picturesque community with quintessential suburban attributes. Beautiful houses on big lots, tree-lined streets, friendly neighbors, and a tight-knit community. Venture outside your home on any given day, and you’ll end up saying hello and chatting with plenty of people. The majority of homes are mid-century ranches, but they are spacious. Many of them are the perfect blank canvas for any remodeling dreams you may have. The area is quite diverse, with a significant refugee community. While the area is more affordable than other areas of Boise, it has a lower average household income than the rest of the city. It’s also a younger population than the rest of the city, with a higher concentration of renters. 

Real estate photo

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There is a defined and rich culture in Boise Bench that is palpable. With a mixture of community and traditions, there are plenty of cultures to learn about and enjoy. If you’re looking for some incredible ethnic cuisines, some of the best restaurants in the city are in the community. You can also find markets that cater to different ethnicities. 

What is considered the oldest synagogue with continuous use in the state is located in the Bench, and it’s called the Ahavath Beth Israel. It was built in 1896 and underwent major restorations in 1980. It was relocated in 2003 to the Boise Bench. Other community cultural icons include the Boise Depot, South Junior High Amphitheater, the pyramid-shaped credit union, and Betty the Washer Woman. 

The Things to Do


There are endless things to do in Boise. Especially for outdoor enthusiasts, the recreational options are unmatched. The Bench includes seven amazing parks that are perfect for walking, cycling, sports, and picnics. There are plenty of great spots to host get-togethers that the whole family can enjoy. The neighborhood association hosts plenty of events each year to boost community pride and connect the residents. 

Every December, there is a Chili Feed, allowing residents to get together despite the cold weather, enjoy some chili, and do some Christmas crafts. 

The annual Spring Festival is held every year before Easter, which is essentially the launch into spring. After winter, residents can get together for great food and drinks, bring the kids for crafts, and an easter egg hunt. It’s a lot of fun for all ages. 

Easter Egg Hunt

In August, the National Night Out event is an educational evening that brings awareness to drug and crime prevention in the community. 

Real Estate

The Boise Bench community is full of significant real estate opportunities. Due to the age of the neighborhood, there are plenty of older homes available, but it adds to the charm and old-school-cool atmosphere that the area boasts. Boise Bench features some of the best views in all of Boise, so if you can snap up an affordable house, you won’t regret it. The proximity to the mountains and downtown makes the community an ideal place for all the phases of your life. 

Some notable spots in the Boise Bench area include Roosevelt & Alpine, Morris Hill Cemetery, Emerald between Garden Street and Houston Road. These areas boast incredible views, quiet streets, and great homes. The Crescent Rim, Latah, and Glen Haven Street area have many homeowners who take pride in their homes, creating a pristine atmosphere. Homes in the area are primarily from the 50s and 60s. 

Many home buyers opt for Boise Bench because of the more affordable prices. Since properties are on the older side, many people choose to purchase a home with a smaller price tag so they can make renovations. You’ll likely see a few newly-renovated homes on the market, as this is a route many homeowners take. 

Housing prices have increased in recent years, so now is the time to purchase your dream home. Homes in Boise Bench range in price from $80,000 to just under $1 million. There are a variety of eclectic homes, so there’s something for everyone in Boise Bench. 

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