April 25, 2017

Separate Bedrooms — The Next Big Real Estate Trend?

A recent article by Realtor.com that claims Donald and Melania Trump sleep in separate bedrooms has sparked a conversation about how this practice may make sense for many couples. In fact, many couples say they already do this, so maybe it’s time to design our homes to reflect this practice.

While the Trumps usually sleep in separate homes (he in a charming old mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in DC while she in a gilded three-floor penthouse in Manhattan’s Trump Tower), a story in Us Weekly raised a few eyebrows when a “Trump insider” revealed that even when they’re together in New York or DC, or at the “Winter White House” Mar-a Lago in Palm Beach, FL, “They have separate bedrooms.”

Whether there is truth to this story or not, we may never know; however, many couples say they sleep better when they sleep apart.

According to a recent National Sleep Foundation survey, as many as 25% of married couples sleep in separate beds. Meanwhile, 10% admit that they have full-on separate bedrooms. Yet marital strife is rarely the culprit. Rather, it’s because a sleep mate snores (a reality for 41% of respondents), moves around too much (27%), or finds some other way to rob their partner of some much-needed shut-eye, from yammering TVs to buzzing cellphones.

Doesn’t it make sense that people sleep alone to avoid these night-time intrusions? Perhaps the world of real estate is coming to reflect this new reality in the form of homes boasting not just one master suite, but dual master suites.

Realtors have said clients are beginning to request homes that have the ability to renovate a large master suite into two separate sleeping quarters by adding a door, or to convert two bedrooms into a connecting room (similar to connecting hotel rooms).

This doesn’t mean the relationship is in trouble. In fact, separate bedrooms could actually mend relationship rifts.

“Many couples who sleep apart even report better sex lives,” points out Brian Davis, co-founder of the blog SparkRental. “Instead of climbing in bed with your spouse, precipitating nightly arguments about when the lights go out or bed hogging, it takes on a more special meaning. Some couples say it’s like being a teenager again, complete with ‘Your place or mine?’ jokes.”

Why millennials love sleeping alone

Separate bedrooms may have a Victorian-era sensibility, but this trend is coming back in vogue thanks largely to millennials—who prefer plenty of me-time and just don’t see the romance in sharing every waking (and sleeping) moment with their significant other.

“My boyfriend of eight years and I have our own bedrooms,” says Mary McGinn, a millennial entrepreneur living in Orlando, FL. “I’m a bit messy, work from home, and rise early. He’s very tidy, sleeps in a little later, and plays video games late at night. We’re both introverts with our own creative projects and ventures. We could share a room if we had to, but having our own rooms works better for us. Ain’t no shame in it.”

Even many celebrity couples (past and present) have come out and said they sleep in separate beds or bedrooms, including Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter (because Burton snores and Bonham Carter likes to pace and watch TV), Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick (because Disick is a light sleeper, particularly when their son Mason joins them), and Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise (when they were married, Cruise had a “soundproof snoratorium” all to himself).

The bottom line: While it’s still rare for couples to have separate bedrooms, maybe more should.

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Source: http://www.realtor.com/news/trends/donald-and-melania-trump-separate-bedrooms/


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