What to expect from a trip to Table Rock in Boise Idaho

About Table Rock


Table Rock is a rock formation on the Mesa of East Boise that overlooks most of the Treasure Valley. It has stood perched over the valley for many hundreds of years. It stands about 3,600 feet (1,100 Meters) above sea level and is constructed mainly of sandstone.


Table Rock has been a special place for people of the local area for a long time. Currently, it is used as a hiking or biking destination for those who live in the area, especially those who live in the neighborhoods of Warm Springs Mesa and Harris Ranch, and is lauded as something that one must do to have the quintessential Boise experience.


But how do you get to Table Rock and what should you expect when you get there?


Getting to Table Rock: Hike / Bike or Driving

Hiking / Biking to Table Rock

There are a few ways to get to Table Rock. The one that most people think of is to hike or bike up the front path. This is certainly an option. It should be noted though that it is a moderate trail with a pretty steep climb. However, if you want to try it, the trailhead and parking lot are located by the Old Penitentiary. Here is a link to the Table Rock trailhead parking lot on google maps.


Driving Up Table Rock

Now, the other popular way to get up to Table Rock is to drive up the back side. It allows you to get much closer to the top. There are two parking lots, the upper parking lot (which is only open from dawn till dusk) and the lower parking lot which is always open. If you park at the upper parking lot, it is only a quick jaunt to the edge; if you park at the lower parking lot, there is a bit of a hike to get up to the top. It is a little steep, but it is not nearly as long as the hike that starts at the Old Penitentiary.


Here are the driving instructions to Table Rock from downtown Boise.


What to do at Table Rock?

Table Rock Trails

Getting up to Table Rock is not the only trail that you can take while you are exploring the foothills. In fact, if you are ready for an adventure, you can check out quite a few trails that vary in length and difficulty while you are there. The photos below were taken from different trails around the back of Table Rock.


Table Rock Caves

Another fun thing about Table Rock would have to be the caves that surround its base. Since it is made up of a lot of sandstone, the caves were hollowed out over time by rainfall and snow runoff. Some of them you can easily enter, but some are cramped and should be only taken if you are accompanied by a professional.




Table Rock Sunrise and Sunset

A lot of people like to go up to Table Rock for the sunrise and the sunset. The sun rises from behind Table Rock and it isn’t as dramatic as one might think. However, it is still a fun experience to have.


Sunset, on the other hand, is pretty spectacular. The sun sets in front of Table Rock so you can see the sunset over the entire valley.



Table Rock is a magnificent and striking landmark that has captivated the hearts and imaginations of the people of this area for centuries. If you go though, follow all the laws and regulations that surround going to Table Rock and be sure to be safe while you are there.


If you can, we would definitely recommend that you add Table Rock to your #BoiseBucketList!