Boise is a wonderful place to build your new home!

Currently, in the Boise real estate market, there are many people who are deciding to build a home instead of buy a prebuilt one. There are many reasons why one might choose to do this, but if you find yourself in a situation where building a home is more likely than buying one, here are some tips that will make your experience much smoother.


Keep in contact with your builder

There are few things as important as communication when it comes to big projects like building a home. That is why it is vital that you keep in good contact with your builder. Whether that is via email, phone call or even text, you need to be talking with your builder on a regular basis! This will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of the project, address issues quickly, and help keep everything on track.


Have the home inspected

You may think that an inspection is just for when you are buying a prebuilt home, but you would be wrong. Even though you can literally watch the walls on your new construction home go up, you need to make sure it is inspected. There are many things that can, and sometimes do, go wrong when a home is being built; an inspection will let you know if there are any big concerns you need to be aware of.


Plan on your home taking longer to build than originally expected

Whether it is the weather, city ordinances, or anything else for that matter, there is always something that will come up when building a new home. While your builder will most likely already have a week or so buffer built in to their own estimate, it is good to add a few weeks to your own personal timeline so you aren’t blindsided by any delays.


Check in at the building site

It is a good idea to pop in at the building site of your new home every now and again. This way you can make sure that the project is taking shape the way that you like and you can remind your builder of any details he/she may have forgotten about. While you are there, be sure to take pictures so you have some documentation and fun memories in the future.


Building a new home can be a fun process that allows you to really make the home your own. When you build a home you can customize it in many ways to fit your needs, personality and budget. However, it is good to be diligent, and to take ownership of the homebuilding process. This will allow you to make sure things are being done right and as well as minimize surprises along the way.