Maybe this is the year we finally admit it: Spending Valentine's Day in is so much better than hitting the town. Making a special meal or even Valentine's Day dessert at home means you can avoid the crowds of people who behave like they've never eaten at a restaurant before, inflated prices for a so-so prix fixe menu and stressed-out wait staff, not to mention enjoy each other's company in your finest sweatpants. Plus, opening a bottle of wine at home is so much more affordable than at a restaurant or wine bar, even if you spring for something really special. We call that a win-win-win.

When it comes to pairing wine for Valentine's Day, try to match both the wine's body and flavor. Red wine generally goes best with red meat, pork and rich chocolates and cheeses, while white wine matches with more delicate fish, chicken and pasta with white sauce. But if you prefer white wine and are serving steak, an assertive Chardonnay or older Riesling will still work. Similarly, go ahead and enjoy a nice mellow Pinot Noir or other low-tannin wine with chicken or fish, too. No matter what you're serving, follow your taste buds. Even the most scientific match doesn't work if you don't care for a particular style. Cheers!




Article by: Lizz Schumer