Our Top 5 Hot Springs in and around Boise

There are few things as fun as a trip to the hot springs on a cool afternoon. Nor is there anything as serene as a midnight dip in a hot pool under the stars. You see, Idaho, thanks to all the geothermal activity under its feet, is one of the most hot spring rich states in the country.


If you are new to Idaho, and particular the Treasure Valley area, then you have to take some time to check out some of our top 5 favorite hot springs around the Boise area!


Top 5 Hot Springs in Western Idaho

Josh’s Favorite: Gold Fork Hot Springs (97 Miles from Boise)

Josh, our marketing guru, absolutely loves Gold Fork Hot Springs. Gold Fork is a rustic hot spring destination tucked back in the mountains near Donnely Idaho. It does cost to get in, but the price is worth it for this amazing natural resort.


Gold Fork offers 4 pools of various temperatures, lounge chairs and so much more.


Katrina’s Favorite: Kirkham Hot Springs (78.8 Miles from Boise)

Katrina, our home staging coordinator, is fond of Kirkham Hot Springs. Kirkham is a wonderful hot spring off of Highway 21 in West Central Idaho. It is on the shore of the river making it an exciting place to go for a soak.


There is also camping near the hot springs as well if you want to make a weekend out of it.


Erika’s Favorite: Givens Hot Springs (46.5 Miles from Boise)

For Erika, one of our awesome buyer’s agents, Givens Hot Springs is one of the best places to enjoy a warm splash. Givens is located between Melba and Marsing Idaho along the Snake River. It is unique because it is an indoor hot spring instead of outdoor like many of the others on this list. The way Givens is constructed, it looks more like an indoor swimming pool than a hot spring due to the fact that the owners pipe the hot water inside the structure. It is quite a surreal experience when you jump in because you are met with warm water instead of the cold swimming pool water you were probably expecting.


Entry fees are charged.


Jacquie’s Favorite: Last Chance Campground (122 Miles from Boise)

Our transaction coordinator, Jacquie, likes to go to the unmarked hot springs just north of McCall. This hot spring is just a small hike from the campground and is a perfect place to go if you want to relax and get away from the world!


Mark and Dawn’s Favorite: The Springs Resort (33 Miles from Boise)

Mark and Dawn’s favorite place to enjoy a hot spring is ‘The Springs Resort’ in Idaho City. This resort has many amenities to enjoy including massages, a cafe, a bar, and even an inn if you want to stay overnight. And all of this on top of the fact that you get access to the hot springs! It is a luxury experience.


All prices are listed on their website.