Top 5 Neighborhoods in Boise, Idaho

Boise is a beautiful and thriving city located in the state of Idaho. Not only is Boise the state capital, but it is also the most populated city, with approximately 240,300 residents. Located in southwest Idaho, Boise is nestled along the Boise River and falls 41 miles east of the Oregon border and roughly 100 miles north of the Nevada border. 

A vibrant and exciting city, Boise is rich in history, culture and diversity. Known as a regional hub for the arts, Boise is home to many cultural and music centers. Dotted throughout the city are a number of exceptional neighborhoods which offer excellent access to the city’s plethora of amenities including restaurants, shopping, entertainment venues and schools. Some of the top-rated neighborhoods located in Boise include: 

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East Boise

Encompassing everything from the East End to Harris Ranch, East Boise is a highly desirable community. Offering more than just exceptional real estate opportunities, East Boise is home to Table Rock and the foothills of the Boise River as well as some of the city’s nicest parks. 

Real Estate in East Boise: 

Homes for sale in East Boise are varied including a wide range of sizes and architectural styles. Everything from historic mansions to cozy mid-century bungalows, contemporary townhouses to spacious ranches and much more can be found in East Boise. 

A family-friendly community, Southeast Boise is well established and is filled with safe streets, quiet roadways and private cul-de-sacs. Some of the most attractive subdivisions located in Southeast Boise include: 

  • Morningside Heights 
  • Dallas Harris Estates 
  • Harris Ranch 
  • The Rim at East Valley  
  • Warm Springs Golf Course. 

Schools in East Boise: 

East Boise falls under the jurisdiction of the Boise School District. The well-rated schools throughout the area offer an excellent education to students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12. School located in East Boise include: 

  • Adams Elementary School | 1725 E Warm Springs Ave., Boise, ID
  • Roosevelt Elementary School | 908 East Jefferson Street, Boise, ID
  • East Junior High School | 5600 East Warm Springs Ave., Boise, ID
  • Timberline High School | 701 East Boise Avenue, Boise, ID

What’s Nearby East Boise: 

East Boise is ideally located near many of the city’s most popular amenities which include parks, restaurants, shopping centers, schools and more. 

Some of the popular attractions located in East Boise include: 

  • Eagle Rock Park
  • Old Penitentiary Trailhead
  • Idaho Botanical Gardens
  • Warm Springs Park
  • Warm Springs Golf Course
  • Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park
  • Dona Larsen Park

Shopping and dining are abundant in East Boise with a large portion of the options being dotted along Broadway Ave., which falls to the west of the community. 

Commutes from East Boise: 

For homeowners in East Boise, downtown is a stone’s throw away, making the area attractive to commuters. Along with quick access to a thriving business district, residents can also take advantage of the close proximity to the many arts, cultural and entertainment venues. Further nearby areas include:

  • Garden City, Idaho - 3.4 miles via US-20/US26-W (8 minutes)
  • Meridian, Idaho - 12.9 miles via 1-84 W (19 minutes)
  • Eagle, Idaho - 11 miles via W State Street (23 minutes)
  • Nampa, Idaho - 21.3 miles via I-84 W (26 minutes) 

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Southeast Boise

Southeast Boise is a beautiful and popular community located in Boise. The community encompasses areas to the south of Interstate 84. A rapidly growing residential area, Southeast Boise is a friendly and welcoming community well suited for a wide range of buyers. 

Real Estate in Southeast Boise: 

Homes for sale in Southeast Boise are a mix of modern “skinny houses” to large ranches, cozy condos and starter bungalows. The majority of the homes found in Southeast Boise are single-family residences that are nestled on quiet and safe streets. 

There are plenty of family-friendly subdivisions found throughout Southeast Boise including:

  • Lakewood 
  • River Run 
  • Surprise Valley
  • South Boise Village
  • Columbia Village
  • Orchard Park
  • Spring Meadow
  • Sunny Ridge

Schools in Southeast Boise: 

Southeast Boise is encompassed by the Boise School District. This district serves area students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 from a number of excellent educational institutes. Schools located in Southeast Boise include: 

  • Liberty Elementary School | 1740 E Bergeson St., Boise, ID
  • Trail Wind Elementary School | 3701 E Lake Forest Dr., Boise, ID
  • Riverstone International School | 2100 E Victory St., Boise, ID
  • East Junior High School | 5600 East Warm Springs Ave., Boise, ID
  • Timberline High School | 701 East Boise Avenue, Boise, ID

What’s Nearby Southeast Boise: 

Southeast Boise is filled with things for residents to see and do. From beautiful city parks to a wide variety of amenities, Southeast Boise is an excellent community that allows residents to quickly access everyday shopping needs, restaurants and more. 

Located along E. Boise Ave is the Southshore Shopping Center. The large center is home to various retailers and services including discount stores, financial institutes, convenience stores, and grocery stores. Also found at the expansive center are a number of restaurants including Starbucks, Thai Basil, and Nourish. 

Parks sprinkled throughout Southeast Boise are beautiful locations to stroll with friends and family, allow children to play and burn energy or relax with a book and picnic lunch. Found in Southeast Boise, parks include: 

  • Barber Park
  • Baggley Park
  • Cypress Park
  • Ivywild Park
  • Parkcenter Park 
  • Simplot Sports Complex

Commutes from Southeast Boise: 

Residents in Southeast Boise are a short distance from the city’s downtown district. Depending on traffic commuters can reach downtown Boise in roughly 10 minutes. Southeast Boise residents can also quickly reach many of the surrounding areas including:

  • Garden City, Idaho - 5.1 miles via US-20/US26-W (12 minutes)
  • Meridian, Idaho - 13.9 miles via 1-84 W and W Franklin Road (27 minutes)
  • Eagle, Idaho - 13.6 miles via ID-44 W (30 minutes)
  • Nampa, Idaho - 22 miles via I-84 W (33 minutes) 

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Boise Bench

Due to its higher elevation and appearance, the area located south of downtown Boise has been named Boise Bench. The community encompasses the areas which stretch from the Boise Depot to Interstate 84. 

Real Estate in Boise Bench

Boise Bench is a mature and established neighborhood. The majority of homes for sale in Boise Bench were constructed between the 1940s and 1950s and boast ample amounts of character and charm. 

A mixture of real estate styles and sizes are found throughout the subdivisions in Boise Bench offers mid-century homes, storybook properties and cozy bungalows. Popular subdivisions located in Boise Bench include:

  • Hillcrest 
  • Morris Hill 
  • Depot Bench 
  • Hawthorne Cottages 
  • Liberty Park. 

Schools in Boise Bench

School-aged children residing in Boise Bench will have the opportunity to attend schools that are governed and operated by the Boise School District. Student from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 will attend schools such as: 

  • Jefferson Elementary School | 200 S Latah Street, Boise, ID
  • Monroe Elementary School | 3615 W Cassia Street, Boise, ID
  • Grace Jordan Elementary School | 6411 Fairfield Ave., Boise, ID
  • Hillcrest Elementary School | 2045 S Pond St., Boise, ID
  • South Junior High School | 3101 Cassia Street, Boise, ID
  • Bishop Kelly High School | 7009 Franklin Rd., Boise, ID
  • Borah High School | 6001 Cassia Street, Boise, ID

What’s Nearby Boise Bench

Though primarily a residential community, Boise Bench is home to a few light commercial areas that offer a variety of services, retailers, restaurants and more. The idyllic neighborhood is also home to many of the city’s parks and recreation facilities such as: 

  • Hillcrest Country Club
  • Cassia Park
  • Borah Park
  • Morris Hill Park

Commutes from Boise Bench

Commuters in Boise Bench will enjoy the short travel times to the city’s downtown and business districts. Interstate 84, which runs along the southwest of the community and Interstate 184 which runs through the north, offer quick routes for all areas around town. Cities and towns around Boise can also be reached in no time at all and include: 

  • Garden City, Idaho - 6.6 miles via S Orchard Street (2 minutes)
  • Meridian, Idaho - 11 miles via 1-84 W and W Franklin Road (16 minutes)
  • Eagle, Idaho - 10.5 miles via US-20W/US-26 W (21 minutes)
  • Nampa, Idaho - 19.4 miles via I-84 W (23 minutes) 

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Downtown Boise

For those who are in the market for an urban lifestyle, downtown Boise is the ideal place to be. Filled with history, culture and diversity, downtown Boise is an exciting and up-and-coming district. 

Downtown Boise Real Estate:

A large portion of real estate found in downtown Boise consists of beautifully maintained condominiums. Units for sale in downtown Boise typically range from lofts to three-bedroom options. 

There are a handful of upscale condominium communities located in downtown Boise which include: 

  • Aspen Lofts
  • Imperial Plaza
  • River Street Lofts
  • Grand Avenue
  • Boulevard 255
  • CitySide Lofts
  • Tower Plaza

Depending on size, age, condition and location, downtown homes for sale in Boise range from mid $300K’s to $900K +. 

Schools in Downtown Boise

Boise schools are administered by the Boise School District, which serves students of the city from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. The well-rated district offers a number of exceptional programs and course paths to choose from. School located near downtown Boise include: 

  • Roosevelt Elementary School | 908 East Jefferson Street, Boise, ID
  • Whittier Elementary School | 301 N 29th Street, Boise, ID
  • North Junior High School | 1105 N 13th Street, Boise, ID
  • Boise High School | 1010 W Washington Street, Boise, ID

What’s Nearby Downtown Boise

Downtown Boise is equally charming as it is exciting. The dynamic district is filled with theatres, music venues, art galleries, restaurants and more. Outdoor recreational opportunities are also plentiful in downtown Boise allowing residents to take advantage of the beautiful Boise River. 

Some of downtown Boise’s most popular attractions include: 

  • Julie David Park (home to the Boise Zoo)
  • The Boise Art Museum
  • Idaho State Museum
  • State Capitol Building
  • Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

Commutes from Downtown Boise

Living in the heart of Boise allows residents to quickly and easily access some of the city’s most exciting amenities. Many residents enjoy the walkability of the downtown community and can be found either walking or biking to work, restaurants and more. Heading outside of the city would look similar to: 

  • Garden City, Idaho - 2.2 miles via US-20W/US-26W (5 minutes)
  • Meridian, Idaho - 11.6 miles via 1-84 W (16 minutes)
  • Eagle, Idaho - 11.1 miles via US-20W/US-26 W (22 minutes)
  • Nampa, Idaho - 20.1 miles via I-84 W (24 minutes) 

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Northwest Boise

As its name suggests, Northwest Boise encompasses the area which falls to the northwest of downtown. Generally, the area is considered to begin at 36th and State Street to the west and east, and consist of areas that are south of Eagle, Idaho. 

Real Estate in Northwest Boise

Homes for sale in Northwest Boise are varied from subdivision to subdivision. Many homes found in the area are expansive, single-family detached homes that boast large private lots. Much of Boise’s luxury homes are dotted through the Northwest section of the city. 

Bungalows, modern new builds, ranches and estate homes are dotted throughout Northwest Boise. Some of the most popular subdivisions found in Northwest Boise include: 

  • Hidden Springs
  • Briarhill
  • Cartwright Ranch
  • Fairmont Square
  • Northwest Hills
  • Riverside Village
  • Echanove Ranch
  • Serrano Court
  • Lakeland Village
  • Zen Gardens

Schools in Northwest Boise

Both the Boise School District and the West Ada School District serve schools that are located in the Northwest portion of Boise. Students have the opportunity to attend a number of highly-ranked schools from pre-kindergarten to grade 12. Schools in the area include: 

  • Eagle Hills Elementary School | 650 E Ranch Dr., Eagle, ID
  • Seven Oaks Elementary School | 1441 N Sevenoaks Way, Eagle, ID
  • Rolling Hills Public Charter School | 8900 N Horseshoe Bend Rd., Boise, ID
  • Shadow Hills Elementary School | 8301 W Sloan St, Boise ID
  • Riverglen Junior High School | 6801 N Gary Lane, Boise, ID

What’s Nearby Northwest Boise:

Northwest Boise is a mecca for outdoor recreation. Residents can enjoy the hours of outdoor entertainment which include visiting parks, trail networks, golf courses and much more. 

The Quail Hollow public golf course is located in Northwest Boise and is known as one of the most challenging and impressive courses in the area. The Plantation Golf Course, a private course, is another popular option for golfers and offers equally challenging holes and well-cared for grounds. 

Further attractions found in Northwest Boise include: 

  • Optimist Youth Sports Complex
  • Seaman Gulch & Seaman Gulch Trailhead
  • Eagle Sports Complex
  • Eagle Bike Park

Shopping and dining are easily reached from Northwest Boise. Located along W State Street are a number of large shopping centers, restaurants, services and more. 

Commutes from Northwest Boise

Residents of Northwest Boise are just minutes from all the services and amenities found in both Boise and nearby Eagle. The community's ideal location allows for a wide variety of options. Travel to nearby cities include: 

  • Garden City, Idaho - 5.6 miles via 1-44E (11 minutes)
  • Meridian, Idaho - 11 miles via ID-55/S Eagle Rd (18 minutes)
  • Eagle, Idaho - 4 miles via ID-44 W/W State St (6 minutes)
  • Nampa, Idaho - 20.7 miles via I-44 W (27 minutes) 

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Boise is a warm and welcoming city, regardless of which neighborhood you decide to call home. Interested buyers from all over have an exceptional list of communities to choose from all offering their unique advantages. Great access to the city’s many amenities, top-rated schools, an array of art and cultural centers and so much more await you in Boise.