What makes a neighborhood relaxing?

When you buy a home, you want it to be in a place where you can feel comfortable and that you can relax. For a lot of people, however, a relaxing atmosphere is not evident in the neighborhoods where they are looking to buy a home in. There are a lot of neighborhoods that don’t feel relaxing, homey, or comfortable and it can be hard for homebuyers to put their finger on why and what to look for in their home search.


Keys to a relaxing neighborhood

The following are the 4 basic keys to a friendly, relaxing and comfortable neighborhood. There are more things that a neighborhood could need, but for a lot of people, these are some of the most common qualities that help them to feel relaxed.


Common Areas and Open Space

One of the big things that makes a neighborhood feel relaxing and comfortable is when it has lots of open space and common areas. This is for several reasons. The first of which being that it makes the neighborhood feel less crowded and secondly, it gives it a sense of community and ‘oneness'.


Now, this doesn’t mean that each home has to be on a huge lot for it to feel comfortable, in fact, if there is too much room between homes, it starts to feel too open and almost isolated. There just has to be enough room to breathe. This goes for the space between homes and the size of the street as well.


But what about common areas? What are they and how do they help make the neighborhood feel more relaxing? There are plenty of examples of common areas that neighborhoods can offer. In the Lakewood neighborhood, for example, there are several parks that everyone is welcome to enjoy. These parks have open fields, basketball courts, picnic areas and so much more -- all of which help give the neighborhood the feeling of community and fun that is needed for it to be relaxing.



Greenery is another vital part of a relaxing and comfortable neighborhood. In many studies, greenery has been shown to help reduce anxiety and improve mental health. There is a link at the bottom of this article that goes into more depth about this subject (most specifically in houseplants) and it is worth a read.


One neighborhood that does greenery pretty well would have to be Harris Ranch here in Southeast Boise. It has plenty of plants that are growing fast -- giving the neighborhood a sense of maturity and that much-needed dose of green.


Water features

Much like greenery, water features also help to make a neighborhood relaxing. Whether they are big or small, a water feature can easily make your neighborhood calmer and feel much more upscale all at the same time.



Another big factor in a neighborhood feeling comfortable and relaxing is cleanliness. In most cases, the best defense against a messy neighborhood is every resident taking the initiative to clean up their own properties and the common areas, but when you can’t have that, a good HOA can also do pretty well.


Now, there are plenty of other things that make a neighborhood relaxing and that list will change depending on who you ask, but these we have listed are meant mainly as a jumping off point for you.


What other things help make you feel relaxed and comfortable in your neighborhood? Are there amenities that you feel would help to make you feel more at home?