Top 4 East Boise Cafes | Harris Ranch Real Estate

Where are the hottest places to get coffee in East Boise?


For those with Harris Ranch real estate or live anywhere in East Boise for that matter, here is a list of our favorite coffee places near you!



What is Locavore?

Locavore is a cozy cafe that specializes in making food fresh for their guests. Many of their menu items are made from scratch. They serve a mean cup a joe and it is the perfect place to take your next coffee break if you are looking for a local and authentic experience.


Where is Locavore?

Locavore is located at the corner of Bown Way and East Riverwalk Drive in Bown Crossing-- (just across the street from our office!)



The Coffee Mill

What is the Coffee Mill?

Another spectacular East Boise coffee shop that you need to check out is the Coffee Mill. For Harris Ranch residents, this is a must-see. They make some amazing coffee and have a huge selection of snacks as well. It is a great place to visit with friends or hammer out the next chapter of your prize-winning novel.


Where is the Coffee Mill?

You can find the Coffee Mill at 4979 E. Warm Springs Ave in Boise, right on the edge of Harris Ranch Mill District.

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What is Zeppole?

Zappole is different from all the other cafes in East Boise because they are mainly a bakery that also serves coffee. They make some awesome coffee, cocoa, and cappuccinos nonetheless.


Where is Zeppole?

Apple Street just across from Albertsons. The address is 2345 S. Apple St, Boise, ID 83706.



Cafe Capri

What is Cafe Capri?

Cafe Capri is a coffee shop that really goes above and beyond. Not only do they serve gourmet coffee, but they also have a great selection of pastries, beer, wine, and even full meals.


Where is Cafe Capri?

You can find Cafe Capri at 2242 East Gowen Road in East Boise.