Who is the Best Real Estate Agent For You?

When looking for a Boise real estate agent everyone wants to work with a top-performing professional, but with so many agents out there now, and so much fake and confusing information on the web, how can you be sure that you are choosing a well-qualified professional? A lot of agents claim to be top providers, but agents differ in their skills and areas of expertise, so one "top-selling" agent might not be the right agent for your specific needs!

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The New Construction Agent 

Some agents in Boise may be "top-selling" agents, this is because they work exclusively for builders. Selling new construction in today's market requires very little skill. These agents seem more like order takers in this current uber-hot market. The builder client is their only seller and thus the agent is beholden to the builder. Even though the builder and his agent are selling a lot of homes, they really aren't a top choice when representing many individual home sellers. Selling new construction is in a whole different ballpark than selling resale homes. The skills and knowledge that are needed are significantly different, so if you are looking to sell a resale home this "top agent" may not be the right one for you!

The #1 Agent in Ada County

Then there is the agent that may claim to be #1 in Ada County, but how are their stats in YOUR SPECIFIC AREA? Many times these agents that claim to be #1 are spread thin across a county and don't really know your specific area. In addition, these agents may have giant teams of agents and additional listing agents that work under the "#1 agent". Always be aware that when you call a team like this, most likely you will not even be working with the "#1 agent". Ensure the person you get to work with is truly experienced in helping you meet your goals whether it is buying or selling! 

The Agent with the Most Google Reviews

In today's world, a lot of prospective buyers and sellers also look to online reviews when selecting an agent. Remember to always look closely to see if the reviews are legitimate. We are aware of one agent in Boise that has over 700 Google reviews and yet the home sales (according to MLS) don't come anywhere close to matching the number of reviews. Some agents even buy reviews! The same goes for Zillow, the agent with the most reviews is not necessarily #1. Look at past sales on Zillow, this is the most accurate indicator of who is the "top agent" in the area.

The Buyers Agent Representing Buyers Solely

It is also very popular in today's market to have agents who represent buyers, either mostly or specifically. These are not a good choice for sellers. The skillset needed to represent a buyer and a seller are very different. They are however a good choice for home buyers. Make sure you choose one that has some active experience in this highly competitive market that we are currently experiencing!

Agents that are Social Media Stars

In Boise, there are plenty of agents with great social media presence, but does that translate into being a top listing or selling agent? Generally not. The top three residential resale agents for 2020 in all of ADA COUNTY had a decent social media presence, but nowhere near the presence of some other agents whose profiles have thousands of followers. It goes to show you what matters is experience, performance, and offering quality real estate service.

Where you will NOT find top Boise Agents

Many consumers are unaware that third-party websites charge agents to get an endorsement or they take a large percentage of the commission. This is why you will not find Top Performing Agents on sites that charge for leads or promise discounted commissions. Top Performing realtors offer results that do not match up with net profits to clients. Top Performing agents offer client services and care that are 5 stars. This is why they are true professionals and don't need to pay to get leads.

1. Dave Ramsey - Agents have to pay a monthly fee to get on their list

2. IdealAgent- Agents have to pay to receive leads

3. Discount Brokers- Top Agents offer top notch service, discount brokers do not

4. Homegain- Agents must pay a referral fee

5. TopAgentsranked.com

6. Agentpronto.com

7. Upnest.com

8. Fastexpert.com - one of the worst! Their list of top agents was VERY misleading

Looking for a Top Boise Realtor?

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