Okay, we’re a month into the New Year…and likely, one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to get your house more organized. And, if you’ve found yourself walking in circles around your house looking for your car keys, it is also likely, you haven’t quite accomplished that goal yet.

Scientifically speaking, the desire to maintain a tidy home can actually make you healthier.

As Psychology Today points out, one study found that people who kept their homes clean were physically healthier and more active than those with messy abodes, while another study discovered that women who described their homes as "cluttered" were more likely to be fatigued, depressed, and stressed. If that's enough to convince you to bust out your dustpan and labeling machine, consider this New Year Home Organization 101.



Getting organized and clearing out clutter is a goal for many of us and can be overwhelming. However, with some small steps and an action plan, you can do this!

First - Be Realistic

·        Set smaller, more attainable goals over time rather than one gigantic goal.

·        Try to de-clutter one room a month.

·         Do just 10 minutes/one drawer/one shelf/one box per day – sometimes limiting yourself to tiny parcels of time is less intimidating and, therefore, more productive than devoting an entire weekend.

Change Your Attitude

·        Ask yourself: What is the positive result of the resolution? Avoid hinging your self-worth on the accomplishment of the resolution.

·        Create a reward system for attaining goal or for each month on track.

·        Use de-cluttering or purging as a meditation: each item has a story or is part of your story, so “thank” the item for the story, close that chapter and move on.

·        Whether you have a lot or a little, be grateful for what you have. This will make passing it on easier and even fulfilling.

·        Going through your stuff can be like shopping in your own closet – you’ll find gems you’d forgotten you had!

·        Find a charity and donate — tax deduction is a bonus!

·        Get your kids involved. Have them fill one box or bag to give away, and let them help pick the charity.

Reward Yourself

·         Take a moment and pat yourself on the back for each drawer you organize, each pile you pare down, and each bag you take out to recycle, toss or donate

·         Celebrate with small rewards each month you stick to your plan

·         Something you’ve been wanting? Make it a reward after completing a large project

·         If cold, hard cash will ease the pain, consign your treasures at a local shop or sell on eBay

Stay Accountable

·         Agreements we make with ourselves are easy to fudge: Find someone to commit to your decluttering goal with, whether it’s one person or a group. Everyone should set a goal — whether it’s a similar or different project — and hold each other accountable. Encourage each other, confess when you fall behind, and share rewards and celebrations!

"A new year is a great time to evaluate what is working in your life, and set intentions for the future. If your space has become filled with physical clutter, this can create an underlying feeling of stress or of being stuck," professional organizer and Composed Living founder Elsa Elbert tells MyDomaine. "I often find in working with clients that when they begin to address the build of physical items, they make room for positive change in the rest of their life."

Before you get started, visualize the outcome and how great you will feel with less clutter in your home. Decluttering your home helps you declutter your mind – so keep your eye on the prize and get started. You can do it!

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By Bonnie Way Snider, Licenced Realtor® and Blogger


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