Living in Southeast Boise, Idaho

Southeast Boise stands out as one of the best places to live in Boise, offering unparalleled access to the greenbelt, river, and downtown core. Living in Southeast Boise provides a unique blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquility. With its proximity to downtown and access to outdoor recreation, it's no wonder that Southeast Boise is a highly coveted area for homeowners. Boasting diverse attractions like Boise State Football, the Boise River, incredible neighborhoods, and an abundance of outdoor space, Southeast Boise has become a magnet for residents seeking a blend of urban amenities and suburban charm.

Living in Southeast Boise


There's no doubt that Southeast Boise is a beloved city within a city. Southeast Boise residents enjoy a laid-back lifestyle that emphasizes community engagement and outdoor activities. The river, greenbelt, access to exceptional schools...the list goes on. While it may be quieter than some of the communities in Boise, it certainly doesn't mean there's a lack of things to do. For outdoor enthusiasts, living in Southeast Boise puts you in a prime position to take advantage of all that Idaho's great outdoors has to offer.

And for all of your everyday wants and needs, you're never more than a few minutes from some of Boise's best shopping and dining. This laid-back community has all the charm and character of a small town with the convenience and excitement of a big city—the best of both worlds!

Great Restaurants In Southeast Boise

Real Estate in Southeast Boise


The real estate market in Southeast Boise is as diverse as the community itself and has proven to be quite stable over the years. Many of the properties in this area were built between 1970 and 2000, so you'll find both new construction and established subdivisions. One thing that many homes for sale in Southeast Boise feature is breathtaking foothill views, possibly some of the best in the city!

In the northern part of this area, modern starter homes are a common sight while in the central portion you'll find some of the most beautiful million-dollar estates. Southeast Boise has such a wide array of real estate options, it's no wonder that this area is one of the most sought-after places to live in Boise.

Here are some of the best neighborhoods to live in Southeast Boise:

  • Classic Suburban Enclaves: Lakewood and Promontory Ridge offer picturesque streetscapes and a variety of housing options, from condos to mini-estate properties.
  • Modern Developments: Columbia Mesa and Surprise Valley feature contemporary homes with modern amenities and stylish designs, attracting young professionals and families alike.
  • Boise River Corridor: River Run and Wood Duck Island provide riverside living with private tree-lined streets and easy access to the Boise River and Greenbelt.
  • Newer Subdivisions: Sunny Ridge and Painted Ridge boast modern construction and spacious homesites, catering to buyers seeking the latest in home design and comfort.
Top 5 Best Neighborhoods In Boise, Idaho

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Top 5 Best Neighborhoods In Boise, Idaho

Education in Southeast Boise


Southeast Boise boasts 8 public schools that are consistently celebrated for its outstanding educational institutions, offering students exceptional learning experiences from elementary to high school levels. Southeast Boise’s schools are highly regarded, known for their commitment to academic excellence and community involvement. Students in Southeast Boise benefit from a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in their future endeavors. Alongside these public schools, there are also several private and charter schools to choose from.

But perhaps the most notable educational opportunity in Southeast Boise is Boise State University (BSU). This well-renowned university provides residents with access to top-notch research facilities, world-class faculty, and a variety of academic programs. Beyond the educational benefits, BSU also enriches the Southeast Boise community with cultural events, sporting activities, and so much more.

Some of the most highly regarded schools in Southeast Boise include:

The Southeast Boise Lifestyle


Lifestyle is an important factor to consider when choosing a place to live, and Southeast Boise has a lifestyle that is unmatched by any other community in the city. While maintaining an old-fashioned sense of community, Southeast Boise has no shortage of modern amenities and conveniences.

The area is proud of the thriving local businesses, including restaurants, boutiques, and trendy coffee shops, which give the area its own unique flavor. Long-time residents of this area love the sense of community that has been carefully preserved through the years and newcomers are quickly drawn in by the charm of Southeast Boise.

Trendy Coffee Shops In Southeast Boise

Commuting in Southeast Boise


Another thing that Southeast Boise is known for is its convenient location. Because of its proximity to the freeway, commuting to other parts of the city is a breeze. And whether you're headed to downtown Boise or elsewhere in the Treasure Valley, you can be sure that your commute will be quick and painless.

For those who prefer to avoid traffic altogether, the Boise River Greenbelt runs through Southeast Boise and provides residents with a safe and scenic route for walking, running, or biking.

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Attractions in Southeast Boise


Southeast Boise isn't just a place to live; it's a lifestyle brimming with excitement and exploration. From thrilling adventures at Idaho IceWorld to the serene beauty of the Idaho Botanical Garden, there's something for everyone in this dynamic neighborhood.

Nestled within this vibrant community is the sprawling Simplot Sports Complex, offering acres of athletic facilities and family-friendly amenities. And for golf enthusiasts, premier courses like Warm Springs Golf Course and Indian Lakes Golf Club await.

But it's not just about recreation; Southeast Boise boasts a thriving culinary scene too. Here are some local favorites:


Lunch spots:


And when it's time to unwind, locals enjoy a variety of activities such as biking or running along the Greenbelt, cycling to Green Acres Foodtruck for a tasty meal, or having a picnic at Marriane Williams Park.

With its blend of adventure, relaxation, and culinary delights, Southeast Boise epitomizes the good life. It's no wonder this community stands out as one of the most desirable places to call home in the city.

Now that you have the inside scoop on what Southeast Boise has to offer, can you see yourself calling this community home? From the variety of real estate options to the abundance of things to do, Southeast Boise does not fall short of delivering the good life. And as one of the most affluent areas in Boise, it's no wonder why this community has become one of the most intriguing and desirable places to live in this upstanding city.


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