Mastering the Market
: Navigating the Do's and Don'ts of Selling Your Home This New Year


Do: Allow Access To Your Home

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when selling your house is restricting the days and times when potential buyers can tour it. While some buyers are more flexible on when they can tour a house this time of year with more time off from work, being flexible with your schedule is important when you're selling your house. Even though it might feel a bit stressful to drop everything and leave when buyers want to see it, in the end, minimal access means minimal exposure to buyers. ShowingTime advises: “. . . do your best to be as flexible as possible when granting access to your house for showings.”


Sometimes, the most determined buyers might come from far away. Since they typically have short travel windows, they may not be able to change their plans easily if you only offer limited times for showings. So, try to make your house available as much as you can to accommodate them. It’s simple. If no one’s able to look at it, how’s it going to sell?


Don’t: Try To Do It On Your Own

Selling your house is a big decision. And that can make it feel both exciting and a little bit nerve-wracking. But the key to a successful sale is finding the perfect listing agent to work with you throughout the process. A listing agent, also known as a seller's agent, helps market and sell your house while advocating for you every step of the way. 


Choosing an agent with Templeton Real Estate Group means you’ll receive cutting-edge marketing and five-star service to ensure you successfully and profitably sell your home. Our great agents never lose sight of your goal and will help you prioritize your needs above all else. If they identify any necessary steps you need to take, they’ll be open with you about it. Their commitment to your success means they'll work with you to address any potential roadblocks and find creative solutions to anything that pops up along the way!


Do: Make Your House Stand Out

When selling your house, the old saying matters: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Putting in the work to make the exterior of your home look nice is just as important as how you stage it inside. Freshen up your landscaping to improve your home’s curb appeal so you can make an impact upfront. As an article from U.S. News says: “After all, if people drive by, but aren’t interested enough to walk through the front door, you’ll never sell your house.”


But don’t let that impact stop at the front door. By removing personal items and reducing clutter inside, you give buyers more freedom to picture themselves in the home. Additionally, a new coat of paint or cleaning the floors can go a long way to freshening up a room.


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Don’t: Over Price Your Home

Setting the right price is extremely important when you're selling your house. Even though it might feel tempting to push the price higher to maximize your profit, overpricing can scare away buyers and make it hard to sell quickly. Business Insider notes: “. . . the biggest mistake sellers make is overpricing their home.”


If your house is priced higher than others like it, it could make buyers lose interest. Once your home is listed, pay attention to the feedback people give your agent during open houses and showings. If lots of people are saying the same thing, it might be a good idea to think about lowering the price.


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Bottom Line:

Bottom line is, selling your home in the new year requires a balanced approach. Focus on granting easy access to your home for potential buyers, collaborating with a trusted listing agent, and making a lasting visual impression both inside and outside your home. By following these tips and making sure to set a competitive listing price, you'll increase your chances of a successful and timely home sale this new year! 

If you're ready to sell your home and want expert guidance through the process, contact our experienced real estate team today. We're here to help you make your open house a success and get your home sold quickly and at the best possible price. Let's get started on your real estate journey!