Looking to throw your hat in the Boise, Idaho, real estate market? Look no further. We've put together a list of the best and most sought-after neighborhoods in Boise, Idaho. So whether you’re looking for new construction or a historic home in Boise, you’ll be sure to find it here. 


Let's take a look. 


Boise Heights: Foothills Living

If you're looking for small, suburban, and quiet, you've found your match in Boise Heights, Boise. Nestled right in the foothills, residents love the community's tranquility and easy access to the downtown area. Families and retirees alike will enjoy the many restaurants, parks, and coffee shops located right in Boise Heights.

Boise Heights neighborhood overview: 


● Median sales price: $1.3m

● Home types: Medium to large-sized single-family homes 

● Demographics: Retirees, families of upper-level career types 


Boise Heights neighborhood highlights: 


In your Boise Heights home, you'll sit between two parks (with dozens of trails) and the foothills themselves - what more could an outdoor enthusiast ask for! You'll have all the perks of living close to the downtown area without the noise or traffic. 


Schools in Boise Heights 

Longfellow Elementary 

North Junior High 

Boise High 


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Quail Ridge / Highlands: For the Ultimate Outdoor Enthusiasts


This suburb of Boise is in high demand for good reason. Tucked in the Boise foothills, residents love the spacious properties and a quiet lifestyle while still only a few miles from the downtown area and immediate access to Bogus Basin Ski Resort.


Quail Ridge / Highlands neighborhood overview: 


● Average home price: $990k 

● Home types: Medium to large-sized single-family homes and apartment complexes 

● Demographics: Families of upper-level career types


 Quail Ridge / Highlands Neighborhood highlights 


In Quail Ridge / Highlands, you'll get the style and feel of mid-century suburban life. Built in the mid-1950s and 60s, these homes were constructed to stand the test of time. For homes built closer to the 21st century or even new builds, you can check out the Upper Highlands. Here, homes are often an average of 3,800 square feet. 


● Large, Mid-century Highland homes  


If you want exclusive access to an impressive golf course and pool, you'll find it here at Crane Creek Country Club. Get to know your neighbors while enjoying the luxuries of your very own neighborhood.


● Quail ridge golf course 


Work offices are often only a short drive or even within biking distance for commuters. Fun fact: The Quail Ridge / Highlands neighborhood has more bicycle commuters than 96.3% of all communities in the U.S.


● Biking and short commutes 


Schools in Quail Ridge/Highlands 

Highlands Elementary

North Junior High 

Boise High 


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East End: Urban Lifestyle Meets Close Knit-Community 


Active urban life meets peaceful, close-knit communities. To the west, you'll find the buzzing downtown area, and to the north, the rolling foothills of Boise. With easy access to St. Luke's Medical Center and Boise State University, many medical professionals and academics call the East End home. 


East End neighborhood overview:


● Median home price: $950k 

● Home types: Medium to large-sized single-family homes and a few townhomes 

● Demographics: Families of upper-level career types 


East End neighborhood highlights


East End, Boise, has a rich architectural history. With Craftsman bungalows, Queen Anne cottages, American Foursquares, and Mission Revival homes that sit alongside new constructions, you can have your pick of style and location. 

 ● Eclectic mix of home styles 

Part of the National Register of Historic Places since 1979, Warm Springs Avenue is where you'll find the widely beloved historic homes. Many homes date back to the late 1800s! Admiring these beautiful homes is just one advantage of living in the East End. 

Warm Springs Avenue Historic District 

A short 3-mile drive from the East End, you'll find yourself at Table Rock overlooking the city below. Hikers and mountain bikers will love the various trails that wind up to the peak.

Table Rock  


Schools in the East End

Roosevelt Elementary 

North Junior High 

Boise High 

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Barber Valley: SE Boise Dream 


Barber Valley has its home on the Southeastern side of downtown Boise. It is composed of two planned communities: Harris Ranch and Barber Valley. This area is known for its more modern homes, with the majority built after 2000 to the present day. Residents enjoy bike lanes and a safe community. 


Barber Valley Neighborhood overview: 

● Median home price: $890k

● Home types: Medium to large-sized single-family homes and a few townhomes 

● Demographics: Families of upper-level career types


Barber Valley neighborhood highlights 

Expansion is the name of the game in Barber Valley. If you're looking for new construction in Boise, Idaho, you'll find it here. Plus, you won't get any of the city traffic or noise. 

● New homes 


Near backyard access to a state park? Count us in! Head over to Lucky Peak and enjoy a day of swimming, fishing, and boating. If watersports aren't your thing, you'll love the picnic spots and running and biking trails. 

Lucky Peak State Park 


Get away from the city and enjoy walking, running, or biking through the Boise River Greenbelt. The marshland habitat is home to several woodland creatures, including deer, foxes, beavers, and herons. 

Boise River Greenbelt 


Schools in Barber Valley 

Adams Elementary 

Riverside Elementary 

East Junior High 

Timberline High 

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North End: The Historic District 


Famously known as the historic district, the North End is walkable, eclectic, and full of rich culture. Tree-lined streets, bars, restaurants, and locally owned stores give the area its characteristic authenticity. 


In North End, Boise, you'll find beautiful older homes, each with its unique style. Those who enjoy the outdoors and active social life will certainly appreciate the perks of living close to so many things to do. 


North End neighborhood overview: 


● Average home price: $850k 

● Home types: Small to medium-sized single-family homes and a few apartments 

● Demographics: Young professionals, small families 


North End neighborhood highlights


This area of the North End is known for its historic buildings and architecture and its thriving businesses. In the fall, stop by the Hyde Park Street Fair in Camel's Back Park to shop from artisans and vendors and get a great view of downtown. 


Hyde Park 


If you feel especially drawn to the historical element of the North End, this will be your new go-to spot for relaxing walks. Harrison Boulevard is known for its beautiful historic homes and tree-lined street.


● Harrison Boulevard 


The North End neighborhood sits just south of a massive network of hiking trails. So grab your hiking shoes and head out the front door! 


Hiking trails 


Schools in North End, Boise 

Roosevelt Elementary 

North Junior High 

Boise High 

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