Recently, our very own top boise realtor, Dawn Templeton of Templeton Real Estate Group contributed to a USA Today article that can be viewed here.



The article titled, "Getting a bigger house: Should you expand or buy?" Dawn expresses the importance of consulting with a trusted real estate agent to aid in helping make the best choice for a growing family's future. According to USA Today, “The pandemic has given some working Americans a new reason to want a bigger house: adequate office space. Among remote workers planning to make changes to their home workspace, more than half – 58% – considered moving to a larger home, according to a 2020 survey by real estate blog CommercialCafe.”



“Ask yourself if this is a good time to buy,” the article continues. "Judge the current real estate market by consulting with a trusted local real estate agent,” says Dawn Templeton, co-owner and broker at Templeton Real Estate Group in Boise, Idaho. “This will help you determine whether buying a new house right now would be profitable. The current market is hotter than ever, and the sellers have the upper hand. That means you could end up in a bidding war that has you paying 20% to 30% more than the asking price,” Dawn explained.


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Brenda Winkle, a client who partnered with Templeton Real Estate Group in the sale of her home agrees: "Hands down, Templeton Real Estate Group is the best real estate group I have EVER worked with! Impeccable customer care and interactions, top notch negotiation techniques, staging included in the sale of the home, experts in the field, organized and professional. Every interaction with every single person associated with Templeton Real Estate Group was positive. They even connected me to a realtor in my new city who also delivered top notch service. I would give them 6 stars!! They are THAT good."



Mark and Dawn Templeton add, "We have been active in the Boise Real Estate Market since 1999 and are passionate about what we do; providing the absolute best in real estate service."


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Templeton Real Estate Group is the best choice. Here are a few stats and accomplishments that took place in 2021:


  • In 2021, Templeton Real Estate Group sold over $120,000,000 in real estate and #2 in Ada County for listings sold!

  • In 2021, Templeton Real Estate Group were #1 and represented more home sellers in NE and SE Boise!

  • In 2021, Templeton Real Estate Group’s listings sold for an average of 6% above asking!


Congratulations Dawn Templeton on the nationwide recognition! Being featured in USA Today is a reflection of the great work accomplished in the Boise real estate market and the great relationships established through serving many satisfied customers!


Amid the pandemic, nearly 30 million people in the U.S. moved to a new home in 2020. More than 4 million of them jumped from one state to another, many to Boise, Idaho.