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Located on the beautiful foothills of Boise is the exciting new housing development, Avimor. This delightful area is full of amazing views that you can't find anywhere else in the city. If you are living in Boise and you have thought about moving to a new location, have a look at this list to see the ultimate guide to living in Avimor, Boise. 

The Amazing Location


Avimor is in the northern area of Boise, and it's close to many great features. The area is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills that are annexed away from other nearby cities, which makes the area its own personal paradise. It's situated just 8 minutes away from nearby Eagle, Idaho, and about a half hour's drive to the downtown area of Boise, so you are never far away from everything you need.  

The gorgeous streets are lined with beautiful homes that make the area a picturesque place to live with your family. Avimor is an 840-acre planned community that plans on expanding another 2,000 acres in the next few years. 

The neighborhood hopes to be a series of small villages that connect via trail so you can travel to find whatever you need via bike or walking. They also plan many parks and gathering areas so the community can bond together. 

The Incredible Homes


As of April 202, over 700 homes and a few mixed-use buildings have been built in the community of Avimor, and there are plenty more expected in the next few years. The area prides itself on having some of the most beautiful homes that are priced at great prices. They are currently building phase 10 of their project, which is full of great three-bedroom homes perfect for those looking to move with their family. 

The current phase offers four different floor plans to choose from and each one has its own outstanding features. They also have a few move-in-ready Avimor homes for sale, so you can come and enjoy this great community as soon as possible. The delightful high-quality homes in Avimor have been designed by some of the best home builders in the area, and they are some of the best-looking homes in Boise. 

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The Beautiful Local Nature


One of the best features that Avimor has is its amazing green space that allows residents to be close to nature. The area has hundreds of miles of trails and eight amazing parks that are placed all over for the residents to enjoy. Many of the current residents love living so close to the city while they enjoy the peaceful quiet they get from this close-knit community.

The area is well known by local mountain bikers for its fantastic trail system, and there are events hosted in Avimor annually for them. The trail system has something for every level, and the trail length varies from under half a mile all the way up to over 3 miles, so you can choose the best path for you. 

The Spectacular Community Center


Avimor also has some excellent amenities that are available for its residents, including a community center. This 12,000 sq ft facility has a pool, exercise room, library annex, meeting rooms, and kitchens for caterers to the stage. They offer plenty of great classes that bring the community together, including tai chi, water aerobics, and yoga. 

The community center is also the meeting spot for many of the clubs that exist within the Avimor community. They have clubs for all sorts of things like knitting, art, and Bunco, so you can find a group that has similar interests. People love being so close to like-minded folks, and they enjoy the monthly meetings at the community center, where they can learn about different topics (like birdwatching, dog training, or gardening) from guest speakers.

The Fantastic Local Schools


Avimor is spread out over three different school districts, but it plans on building a school for the residents of the community and the residents of nearby Eagle. The Idaho Novus Classical Academy is a tuition-free charter school that plans to open in 2024. It will be open to children from grades K-6 to start and eventually be available all the way up to grade 12 by the year 2030, in accordance with Idaho state law. 

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The Delightful Parks


We mentioned the eight parks that are located in Avimor already, so let's look at them a bit closer. The premier park is the 5-acre Foothill Heritage park, which has incredible features like an amphitheater (with a sloping lawn for perfect viewing), a soccer field, a baseball diamond, a tennis court, and a basketball court. The park is a great place to check out if you want to get in some outdoor exercise. 

Avimor subdivision in Boise also has three larger playgrounds scattered around the community, so you can let your kids burn off some of that energy. If you want peace and quiet, head to Towne Lake Park and do some fishing in their catch and release pond. There are also smaller parks throughout the neighborhood, so you are never far from enjoying the beautiful nature. 

If you are looking for a fantastic community that has so much to offer to its residents, then have a look at some of the incredible homes in Avimor. You will definitely enjoy living in a close-knit neighborhood and spending time doing the things you love. The area is doing a great job of creating stores and restaurants nearby so that you will never have to leave the area to get what you need. Avimor has some excellent homes that are just waiting for new owners, so have a look at some of the houses in this gorgeous community today. 


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