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Selling your home is an excellent idea if you are looking to upgrade and move on to something bigger and better. One important thing to remember is to ensure you are doing everything you can to get the best price from your sale. If you have been on the fence about getting your home professionally staged, have a look at this list to see the 5 reasons why professional staging can sell your Boise home faster.

1) It allows for the potential buyers to picture themselves in your home


One of the main reasons you should look into professional staging is to allow the buyer to envision what their life would be like in your Boise home. Even if you have done a great job on your interior design, there are likely some design choices you have made that are a bit more personal. Sometimes you need to make sure the space is functional for your everyday life, so you move some things around to suit your needs. 

When a professional stager is walking through your home, they will be able to see where things look the best. Your gorgeous coffee station is beside the fridge for your own convenience, but a stager might move it to a different area to fill space, catch the buyer's eye or make the room flow better. Moving the coffee station over to your rarely used breakfast nook cultivates a "sipping our coffee together in our new breakfast nook" idea which a buyer might not see if our coffee station is in another spot. 

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2) It can highlight your home's best features


When you have a stager in your home, they will be able to see what your home's highlights and lowlights are and use that knowledge to make the space shine. We already talked about how you might have things a certain way in your home to make it easy to live, but some of those choices might be affecting the potential home value. 

Your curtains will hide the sunshine glare on your television in the daytime, but they also might make the room seem smaller. A stager will often replace furniture with an option that is more suited to the space, such as a smaller dining table or multiple chairs over a couch. This is a great way to show off how much space is in the room, even if the furniture might not be functional for your personal lifestyle.

3) You will likely have more offers for higher amounts for a minuscule investment


When you compare the cost of a professional staging team over the amount you can potentially get back, it's worth every penny. A stager will usually charge by the size of your home, and the price can vary, but you will usually pay for a consultation, then a base fee with extras applied for each room that needs improvement. Boise home staging experts say that on average, a staged home will sell for about 6%-20% more than an unstaged home, plus they sell 88% faster. If you are selling your home for $300,000, your $2000- $4000 investment in staging could net you an extra $18k-$60k on your final sale price. 

A stager will have access to furniture and décor items that they are able to rent or reuse. This allows them to keep their costs at a reasonable level, but their knowledge is priceless. They go above and beyond looks to make your home feel (and even smell!) like the perfect place for a new family to enjoy. 

4) You will generate a bigger "buzz."


Some of the best-selling homes have been promoted thoroughly online, and professional touch is key to making the home look desirable. Professional photos are another good idea if you want to make your home sell for the highest price possible. People want to be able to share the listing with friends and family, so it needs to look like the home is straight out of a catalog. 

Many agents have also gone the extra mile and offered a video tour or 3d images that allow buyers to see every angle from the comfort of their homes. These listings often sell faster and for higher amounts due to the interest they get online. A simple click can share the house with thousands of people who share it again and again or tag their friends. A listing will only "go viral" if it has stunning visuals of the interior and exterior, and a stager can make both areas look desirable.

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5) A stager has excellent skills and fresh eyes


Even if you think your home looks ready to be on HGTV, there might be a few touches that you haven't thought of. A stager will think of every aspect of the rooms and add things like fresh fruit in your kitchen or flowers in your bathroom to make the house feel like a welcoming space. They'll notice things that need to be cleaned or adjusted that you might have missed.

While a vacant and empty home might sound appealing, it can be difficult for buyers to envision what will go where and staging is a great way to show people the potential each space has. A stager is also adept at placing items without any damage, and they have plenty of tricks up their sleeve (like faking a guest bed using a few folding tables and some well-placed blankets!). They also make the most awkward spaces into beautiful and functional areas. 

Staging your home is one of the best choices you can make if you are thinking about selling. You can add thousands of dollars worth of extra income for a small investment to your sale price. There are so many great benefits to staging your home to sell, so talk to a local home staging expert today to figure out how they can help you.

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