6 Tips For Staging a Luxury Home

Staging a luxury home is quite different than staging your standard home. But what constitutes a luxury home? Traditionally luxury homes are larger and have more unexpected and rare amenities. Luxury homes also differ from state to state and city to city. For example, a luxury home in Boise, Idaho would be very different from a luxury home in Los Angeles or New York.  Luxury can also be lifestyle, location-driven, and can have less to do with the property. For example, beachfront living in a less grand home is still a very luxurious lifestyle that few can afford. In this example, this is where you sell the lifestyle


However, when selling a luxury home it's important to keep in mind that the luxury home buyer is not your typical home buyer and the following staging tips can help to make a luxury property stand out and allow the buyer to see themselves living the life they work so hard to afford.


1. Consider Lighting

Luxury buyers are not "wowed" by standard builder lighting, or dated lighting. Consider making a grand statement with a cool and on-trend chandelier that makes guests go "wow".  Cost is not as important here and a major statement can be made relatively inexpensively. We love Chandeliers from Restoration Hardware and believe it or not you can find some nice choices on AMAZON as well.

Luxury Boise Home Staged by Templeton Real Estate Group

2. Add Interesting Art Pieces

The successful or high-end home buyer will not be impressed by pieces from Ross Dress for Less where some "home stagers" tend to shop. Art is where you can add bold and impressive statement pieces that are unique and make a room look more impressive and designeresque. There are many resources stagers can access to obtain these pieces such as Moes and Paragon and even Left Bank Art. Occasionally, you can find unique art at Home Goods or even Consignment shops that will fit the bill and impress the luxury home buyer.

Luxury Boise Condo Staged by Templeton Real Estate Group


3. Add Unique Luxury Decorative Accents

Luxury home buyers don't want what everyone else has. They prefer a one-of-a-kind look and accessories that make you say "look at that, that's is cool, I've never seen anything like that".  Not "oh I saw that at Target". When it comes to luxury staging don't use accessories that are seen all over Instagram or the latest trend pieces from Target etc. These are for the masses, and luxury home buyers enjoy setting themselves apart and showing off their style and uniqueness. Source your accessories from more exclusive outlets and be prepared to spend a little more to really impress the luxury home buyer. Some uniques accessories can be found at CB2, Restoration Hardware and even Amazon, just remember to choose uncommon items that look expensive.


Luxury Boise Home Staged BY Templeton Real Estate Group

4. Create A Luxe Lifestyle

When staging a luxury home you want to create spaces that busy, successful people will see themselves appreciating and enjoying after a long day of hard work. Whether it is creating a sitting area to enjoy a beautiful view, a soaker tub to ease stress, a wine tasting area, or surfboards/paddleboards placed on the deck or patio to showcase the uncommon lifestyle that the property affords the homebuyer--luxury home buyers will see themselves living the lifestyle they work so hard to achieve. This can also include workout spaces, outdoor kitchens & fireplaces, smart home & technology, an uber-luxe spa bathroom, or a decked-out garage. Set the scene for the luxury buyer to see the property as a luxury home and meet their acquired tastes.

Luxury Boise Home Staged by Templeton Real Estate Group

5. Showcase Unique Amenities

Luxury homes have amenities that your standard home doesn't have, and depending on the area can be dramatically different given geographical location and price point. Built-in coffee makers, High-end appliances, whole-home smart technology, spinning car displays, designer dressing rooms and closets, home security, fire and water features - outdoor living areas and kitchens, custom landscaping, and more. If you are staging a home that includes any of these items, particular attention must be made to showcase them in a way that buyers will notice and desire this elevated property.

Luxury Boise Home Staged by Templeton Real Estate Group

6. Save money on the Sofas, Consoles, Tables

To the untrained eye, it is hard to tell a quality sofa from a more expensive one. They can be disguised as well, with pillows, throws, etc. it's Ok to save money here when staging, just make sure the art and accessories take it to the next level!

Luxury Boise Home Staged by Templeton Real Estate Group


Here at Templeton Real Estate Group, we provide our selling clients complimentary luxury home staging for occupied and vacant homes as well as assistance with updates and renovations. From selecting paint colors, tile, carpet, and countertops, to fully staging vacant homes with our own gorgeous furniture from our large inventory, we’re prepared to help you maximize your profit and sell your home fast! Our clients receive a custom staging plan from our certified in-house staging coordinator to ensure their home is uniquely staged to showcase its best features and attract the highest and best offers.

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