The Ultimate Guide To Living In 83702, Idaho

If you’re considering moving to a city in Idaho, you have plenty of wonderful options to choose from across the state. On the hunt for your new home, zip code 83702 is a must-see area. There are so many perks to calling this area home with cities like Boise Hills Village and Boise. Here’s the ultimate guide to living in 83702, Idaho. 

Boise Hills Village

Boise Hills Village, Idaho, falls within the 83702 zip code. The planned community was constructed in the late 1950s. It was thoughtfully crafted to provide homeowners with an outstanding balance of urban and rural feelings. It has been considered a pioneer in its design, and many future communities in Idaho have been modeled after it. Since then, it has become a must-see tourist spot for anyone visiting Idaho. There’s a wide variety of homes for all lifestyles ranging from affordable to high-end, and homes are oversized. 

Located on the west side of Twin Falls, Boise Hills Village is one of Idaho’s largest and most vibrant cities. It’s one of the “greenest” cities for energy and climate initiatives. It has recently won awards for being one of the top cities in the US. Boise connects to the city through light rail transit, so it’s ideal for commuters who want to live outside the big city. 

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As the capital of Idaho, Boise has risen through the ranks to become one of the most exciting and affordable cities in the country. Located along the Boise River, the city has a low population considering it’s the state capital. Around 700,000 residents call the city home and consider it a great place to live.

Boise has shifted significantly since it was established. It is now the cultural center for all of Idaho with a rich music scene, entertainment scene, food scene, and art scene. There are plenty of perks to calling Boise home with excellent education options and a strong economy.  

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One of the most significant selling features of the 83702 zip code is the affordability of the homes and cost of living. Compared to other major cities in the Pacific Northwest, like Oregon, Portland, and Seattle, your dollar will stretch a lot further in Boise. With low sales and income tax rates, everything is noticeably cheaper in the city. 

In Boise, you get the best of both worlds. You get the affordability of a rural area with the perks of living in a state capital, and there is something available for every budget.

Affordable Living in 83702, Idaho


As one of the top cities in the US for job growth, Boise has a flourishing economy that just keeps growing. Whether you live in Boise or Boise Hills Village, most people will be commuting into the city for work. Over the last five years, Boise has seen some incredible growth in industries like government, business, education, and tech. Many tech giants have been stationed in the area, creating many jobs. Boise has very few regulations and low tax rates if you’re an entrepreneur, so many people consider it the best place to start a business. 


Boise hasn’t always been known for its excellent educational resources, but with strides made in the last two decades, it’s quickly becoming an educational hub. Once known as one of the worst places for education, it’s now among the top. Around 95% of students graduate from high school, which falls about seven percent higher than the national average. 

For post-secondary students, Boise State University is a huge draw for young adults. 40% of residents in Boise have a Bachelor’s Degree. The school offers over 200 fields of study and is becoming one of the most innovative schools in the country. With students excelling in nursing, engineering, and computer science, it’s just one more reason why the city is thriving. Sports fans will love checking out a Saturday football game and watching the BSU Broncos playing on Lyle Smith Field.

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Boise has so many recreational activities for all ages. Zoo Boise is a resident favorite, and you can visit the snow leopards, red pandas, and penguins. On a hot summer’s day, you can go to the Roaring Springs Water Park to take a dip in the wave pool, float down the lazy river and have a great time going down slides. There are plenty of educational and fun things to do, like the Discovery Center of Idaho, the Idaho State Historical Museum, the Idaho Botanical Garden, or tour the Old Idaho Penitentiary Site

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find plenty of activities. The Boise River Greenbelt is a popular spot to jog or go for a scenic bike ride. Other great parks include Julia Davis Park, Ann Morrison Park, and the Treasure Valley Dog Island dog park. If you love to hike, you’ll find challenging terrain at The Military Reserve. Visit the Crestline Sidewinder Loop Trail, Camel’s Back Trail Loop, or Cottonwood Creek Trail for other great treks. Head down to the Boise River for water sports galore. Go kayaking, fishing, tubing, or paddleboarding to cool off on a summer’s day.

Luckily for residents, Boise has a mild climate, so winters aren’t super cold, and summers aren’t very hot, so you can enjoy outdoor recreation all year round. 

Recreation in 83702, Idaho

Explore the rich culture in the Boise Downtown area, also referred to as BoDo. You’ll find some excellent local businesses, a sizable Basque scene, festivals, a musical epicenter of Idaho, and so much more. The thriving nightlife lets residents blow off some steam and have a great time. There’s also an incredible food scene with some fantastic local restaurants. The Idaho potato takes center stage at many of them. You can find potato dishes made in every way you can imagine, even Potato Bacon Pizza from Pie Hole. You can find vineyard tours all over Snake River Valley if you’re into wine tastings. 

Choosing a home within the 83702 is easy when there are many affordable options and an endless list of perks in the cities of Boise and Boise Hills Village. If a high quality of life is on the top of your “wants” list, you’ve got to check out this area.

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