Buying A Condo in Boise

One of the key advantages of apartment complex living is access to some of the amenities that tend to come with it. Every complex is different and offers its own unique mixture of features, and it can help to consider which ones are the most important to you before shopping around for a new unit. 

Not all of Templeton Real Estate Group’s luxury apartment listings necessarily feature the following amenities, and that certainly shouldn’t deter you from an apartment listing that resonates with you. The amenities listed here are just some cool features that can pop up from time to time and can make a great addition to complex living. 


A key advantage to complex living is a sense of community. Still, with so many people coming and going and having visitors, it’s vital that the building is adequately protected with modern security features. These can include:

  • Touchless door access control and remote management capabilities to enter shared community spaces
  • A video surveillance system that validates that only authorized people are entering your community
  • Elevator cameras
  • Seamless and convenient visitor check-in at the gate
  • One credential that grants you access to shared spaces

Heating and cooling

Many apartment complexes include heating and/or cooling in each unit, and in some states and regions, it’s a requirement by law. Boise is certainly chilly enough in winter to warrant the need for heating, and while the summers are relatively short, air conditioning makes the heat much more manageable. 

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Green features

This is also a good time to mention energy upgrades, as more and more home buyers are shopping around for energy-efficient features that make their new homes eco-friendly while saving considerably on energy bills.

Many complexes now feature energy-efficient appliances, smart thermostats, and more to keep your energy usage and costs at a minimum.

Some complexes also provide options for recycling and composting and a range of other green features. Green upgrades are certainly trending, so if you’re particularly interested in a complex with a lack of green features, it’s worth asking if any are being planned in the near future.

Outdoor space

Whether private or shared, outdoor space is a popular feature in an apartment complex for obvious reasons, and even more so since the pandemic lockdowns caused us to value time outdoors more than ever. 

Private balconies and patios are a favorite, while shared green spaces and rooftop gardens are also a bonus. That said, proximity to parkland can be just as advantageous for getting out in the fresh air. 

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Pet-friendly rules

For some people, pets just aren’t a desirable option. Still, for many, they are, and it can be incredibly frustrating to live in a complex that won’t allow you to have the pet you long for. Even as an owner, a complex’s pet policy will determine whether or not you are allowed to have a pet. 

It’s also worth noting that even if domestic pets are allowed, it’s less common for a building to allow residents to keep exotic pets, such as reptiles, so double-check for that if it’s important to you. 

Smart home innovations

Smart home features are another highly trending evolution in home design, with options such as smart thermostats, locks, and more becoming more common by the day. Smart locks are a great feature for added peace of mind regarding security and convenience, while other smart home innovations can help you to manage multiple facets of the running of your home - turn the kettle and the air conditioning on while you’re on your way home!

Top Amenities To Look For When Buying A Unit In An Apartment Complex In Boise


Another aspect of our lives that the pandemic put under the microscope was the way in which we take care of our health and wellbeing, and with the remote working trend persisting, complexes are increasingly looking to add features that support wellbeing at home. 

Wellness features in apartment buildings can range from air quality control, touchless access controls, and anti-bacterial surfaces, to green spaces, spa and gym facilities, and more.

Features that support remote working 

With more and more people opting to work from home at least part of the time, homebuyers are prioritizing features that support remote working. 

Productivity-friendly features such as high-speed internet, space for a designated workstation in the apartment and/or co-working space available in the complex are all gaining popularity. It’s vital to check the phone and internet service capabilities before signing the dotted line, especially if you plan on working from home. 

Thinking of investing in Boise?

Not all amenity features can or should make or break your decision to invest in a particular apartment complex, but knowing what’s out there and considering what features you want to prioritize can help with your search.

If you are looking for an apartment (with or without any specific features) in the Boise area, then contact us here at Templeton Real Estate and see how we can help! You can reach us at (208) 473-2203 or send us a message here. Our agents are experts in the Boise property market and would love to help you find the perfect place for you!


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