The Ultimate Guide To Owning A Horse Property In Boise, Idaho

Horse properties have started to become more and more popular in the last few years with so many people choosing the homestead lifestyle. This means people have been coming from far and wide to find cities that have excellent properties that you can develop into successful horse properties. If you want to know a bit more about what it takes to own and run a property like this, keep reading to see the ultimate guide to owning a horse property in Boise, Idaho

1) Pick Your Land

If you’re looking for the perfect horse property, Boise has plenty of options waiting to be discovered! From open, empty lots to ready-to-move-in barns, there are lots to choose from. If you’re developing a properly zoned property into a horse farm for the first time, you need to ensure your property will be well suited to the conditions it needs to withstand. There are quite a few things to consider that can affect your horses in the long term, and you also need to be aware of what regulations are in place as far as required space and proper drainage. 

Horses need plenty of space, but they also need things like shelter and food, so you need to make sure you’re giving everything enough space. Some states and counties have specific rules regarding how your horse property can be set up, so it's a good idea to check and make sure your property will fall within the proper guidelines before you purchase it. 

Lots Of Horse Properties Options In Boise, ID

2) Fix it Up

If you’re buying an older horse property in Boise, you will likely need to make some repairs in order to make sure it’s in working order. You should start by looking at the areas where the horses will be located most often and start there. Any land should be cleared out of debris, heavy bushes, and standing water so that your horses can freely roam without running into any issues. 

Look into hiring a company that specializes in livestock fencing, and they will likely be able to guide you to whatever material will best suit your land and property. You should also invest in the best fence you can for your horses to be contained in. Many people skim out, or they choose to fix their fences at a later date, but if there is a significant breakage, you will regret not getting it fixed in time. 

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3) Plan For Transport

One thing that many people don't consider when it comes to their farm property is how much transport will likely need to happen. Most farms come with gravel or unfinished driveways, but these areas can often be affected by tricky weather. If you want to give your horse property a nice look and make sure you never have an issue getting your supplies in and out, consider getting a finished driveway installed by a professional. 

Ice, snow, and excessive rain can sometimes make muddy laneways, which can pose some issues. Running a property that heavily relies on external supplies and equipment can be difficult if you are unable to get things safely in and out of your property. Consider upgrading to a heated laneway to make sure that the extreme cold doesn't hamper your supply line.

Paved Driveway installed By Professional

4) Stay Close to Necessities

Traveling long distances to get your horse's proper medical care or supplies can be draining on your budget, and it can make it challenging to get what you need quickly. Owning a horse property in a remote area is excellent for those who want a bit of privacy and escape from the busy metro areas, but you need to stay close to all the things you need. You want to scout out the area and make sure you are close to things like livestock veterinarians and feed stores.

Getting things shipped or brought to you has become more popular in the last few years, and this can be helpful for busy folks. If you have a local feed store, look into what their delivery service is like so you can consider making a few fewer trips. You can also ask around to see which vets in the area are willing to make house calls if you have an emergency with one of your animals. 

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5) Get Modernized

Many older farm properties have been maintained, but they likely haven't been upgraded very much. There have been so many great modern advancements that can help out horse owners, and you should consider adding some to your property to help make your day easier. Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, lighting, and even watering systems have started to pop up on modernized farm properties that are looking to use tech to help them out a bit. 

Using these systems will require a stable and widespread Wi-Fi signal, so you might need to upgrade the regular system you have to make sure it reaches. There are systems on the market that are designed just for farm properties, and these are one of the least invasive ways to get your signal to reach every part of your property. 

There are so many things you need to consider when it comes to owning a horse property in Boise. The area is fantastic for those who want to live a farm lifestyle, and the climate is great for those who want to enjoy plenty of outdoor time with their beautiful horses. Building and maintaining a horse property in Boise is easy if you know what steps or improvements you need to take to keep your horses happy and healthy.



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